Computer Awareness for Banking Examinations Practice Questions - Set - 5

Computer General Awareness : Bank PO’s, Bank Clerk

Q1) What type of port sends data one bit at a time?
A.) Serial
B.) Parallel
D.) FireWire

Q2) The power-saving mode that allows the computer to be restarted by simply pressing a key on the keyboard is called:
A.) standby.
B.) warm boot.
C.) power management.
D.) cold boot.


Q3) Which keys are to be pressed to open “My Computer” window directly?
a) Start+Q
b) Start+W
c) Start+E
d) Start+R


Q4) The process of ____________ involves automated study of consumer buying patterns in order to support marketing, inventory replenishment, and pricing decisions.
A.) transaction processing
B.) data mining
C.) simulation
D.) information processing


Q5.) The engineering discipline that involves construction of molecularly-sized computing devices is called:
A.) nanotechnology.
B.) molecular processing.
C.) silicon grafting.
D.) nanoscience.


Q6) The prefix that stands for “billionth” is:
A.) giga.
B.) tera.
C.) nano.
D.) peta.

Q7) A small biomedical device currently on the market that can be implanted underneath the skin for identification purposes is called the:
A.) Identitron.
B.) Verichip.
C.) Digicard.
D.) Nanoguard.


Q8) The four main functions of a computer are:
A.) input, processing, output, and storage.
B.) learning, thinking, intelligence, and virtuosity.
C.) data, information, bits, and bytes.
D.) hardware, software, modeling, and operations.

Q9) The primary purpose of a computer is to process _____________ and convert it into information.
A.) electricity
B.) data
C.) raw material
D.) a bit

Q10) Bit refers to a:
A.) computer language.
B.) CPU instruction.
C.) 0 or 1 value.
D.) digital representation of an alphabetic character.

Q11) There are ____________ bits in a byte.
A.) two
B.) four
C.) six
D.) eight


Q12) In computer language, each letter, number, and an array of special characters consists of:
A.) 8 kilobytes.
B.) 8 bytes.
C.) a bit.
D.) 8 bits.


Q13) Which of the following is the correct sequence of smallest to largest unit of storage size?
A.) megabyte < terabyte < gigabyte < kilobyte < petabyte
B.) kilobyte < megabyte < gigabyte < terabyte < petabyte
C.) kilobyte < megabyte < gigabyte < petabyte < terabyte
D.) kilobyte < megabyte < petabyte < terabyte < gigabyte


Q14) The prefix kilo refers to approximately:
A.) one thousand.
B.) one million.
C.) one hundred.
D.) one billion.


Q15) Computers work in:
A.) machine linguistics.
B.) binary language.
C.) HTML code.
D.) bit language.


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