RRC ER Kolkata Group D Questions 2013 – Answer Key, Solved Paper

RRC ER Kolkata Group D Questions 2013 – Gropu D Answer Key, Solved Paper: Are you looking for RRC ER Kolkata Group D Answer Key? Solved paper for Eastern Railway kolkata Group D questions is a great solution for your question. Here in the post below, we have provided Kolkaa Eastern Railway Group General Awareness (GK) Question which was asked in RRC ER Kolkata Group D Examination 2013. RRC Eastern Railway Kolkata Group D written examination was held on 27th October and 17th November 2013. The examination was held in the month of October, November and December 2013.

Eastern Railway Kolkata Group D Answer: 17th November 2013

  1. Allauddin Khilji, was known as the Rustam of the age and the hero of the time? – Malik Kafur
  2. The King who did not allow anybody to laugh in his court was? – Qutabuddin Aibak
  3. Who gave maximum resistance to Britishers? – Marathas
  4. When did Alexander invade India? 326 B.C.
  5. The Mughal emperor who died to a sudden fail from the staircase? – Humayun
  6. Guru Nanak was birth at? – Talwandi
  7. Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, leaving South Africe in? – 1915
  8. The revolutionary who later turned into a yogi and a philosopher? – Aurobindo Ghosh
  9. Who founded the Banaras Hindi Univesity? - Madan Mohan Malaviya
  10. Vande Matarm was first sung at the Indian National Congress in? – 1896
  11. Who known as the “Heroine of 1942 Quit Indian Movement? – Aruna Asaf Ali
  12. Who was the first Indian to pass the Indian Civil Service? – Surendranath Banerjee
  13. Ram Prasad Bismil was associated with? – Kakori Bomb case
  14. The first railway started in India under the Governor-Generalship of? – Lord Dalhousie
  15. The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in? – Mohenjodaro
  16. The figure of the God that was depicted in the seal of Indus Valley People is? – Pashupati
  17. The famous figure of dancing girl found in excavations of Harappa was made up of? – Bronze
  18. The statements about Buddha and Mahavira is not correct? – Concept of Varnas
  19. Dhanvantari, a renowned physician of ancient India? – Chandragupta Vikramaditya
  20. Who introducted the famous Persian Festival of Navroz in India? – Balban
  21. “Let no man ask a man’s sect or caste” ? – Kabir
  22. The bone of contention between the Shah of Persia and the Mughals was? – Kandhar
  23. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India? – 1498
  24. Which Indian King requested Napoleon to drive the British from India? – Tipu Sultan
  25. “Satyameva Jayate” taken from? – Mundak Upanishad
  26. The large Shiva Temple at Thanjavur was builty by – Rajaraja Chola
  27. Who built Char Minar? Quli Qutb Shah
  28. The outermost layer of the Sun is called? – Chromosphere
  29. Tides are the highest? - when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are in line
  30. Brown revolution in India is related to? – Fertiliser production
  31. The river known as “Bengal’s Sorrow” is? – Damoder
  32. Sachin Tendulkar completed 100th century in the ground of? – Mirpur
  33. Temple, which news for immense of wealth in its closed basement? – Swami Padmanava Temple
  34. Annie Besant was from? – Ireland
  35. Mixed Econonmy meas? - Co-existence of private and public sector
  36. Which planet of the solar system spins on its asix at the faster rate? – Jupiter
  37. Lunar eclipse is caused when? Earth comes between the sun and the moon
  38. The original name of “Mahanayak” Uttam kumar was? –
  39. Ths 1st Bengali actor who got” Dada Sahib Phalke award? Soumitra Chattopadhyay
  40. Knot is a unit of speed of? – Ship
  41. Two best reasons for distinguishing the living from the non-living? – Reproduction and locomotion
  42. When milk is churned. The cream is separed from? – centrifugal force
  43. Which gases is lighter than air? - Ammonia
  44. Amalgams are? – alloys contain mercury as one of the contents
  45. When Neutron bomb dropped on a city, it damage? – the living organisims but spare buildings
  46. By which processess ligh energy is converted into chemical energy? – Photosynthesis
  47. On fathom is equal to? – 6 feet
  48. The number of electron guns, a colour picture has? – three
  49. The principle of working or periscope is based on? –
  50. A thermostat is? – Thermoflast which works on the principle of equipartition of heat energy
  51. Dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical energry and electric motor eonverts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  52. Bernoulli’s principle? – Bunsen burner
  53. In Presure cooker not? – Under high pressure, the boiling point of a liquid decrases
  54. Wisom teeth normally grow during the age of – 17-30 years
  55. In a person, brown eyes or black eyes depend upon? Choroid
  56. A person with AB blood group is because of? – presence of antibodies in his blood
  57. Maximum temperatur of human skin can tolerate without getting blisters is? 40 C
  58. An ant can see the objects all around due to? – eyes over the head
  59. The Electric lamp was discovered by? – Edison
  60. When ice melts into water? – volume decreases
  61. If a boy in a railway train, throws a ball straight up into the air? – the ball will fail into his hand
  62. A barn magnet is broken into two pieces? – each will remain a magnet with North-pole at one end and South Pole at the other end.
  63. Tub light is felt cooler than the light from a bulb of the same wattage because the? – tungsten is not used in the tube.
  64. A what point the Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperatures are? – 40 C
  65. Which is used in pencils? Graphite
  66. Black Box is used in relation? - Flight recorder in an aeroplane
  67. How many spokes are there in the Dhrma Chakra of our National Flag? - 24
  68. When a bill passed by Parliament is sent to the president for his assend? – President can’t decline to sign it.
  69. Parliament of India is composed of – Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President
  70. Charge of impeachment against the President of India for his removal can be preferred by? Both Houses of Parliament
  71. Gandhiji was given the name “Mahatma” by – Rabindranath Tagore
  72. The 1st Indian woman awarded “Bharat Ratna”? – Indira Gandhi
  73. Sugar ball of the Word? – Cuba
  74. Sarnath is in the State of? – Uttar Pradesh


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