RRC Guwahati Group D Solved Paper 2013 – Answer Key, Solutions

RRC Guwahati Group D Solved Paper 2013 – Answer Key, Solutions:
Solved paper for North Frontier Railway Guwahati Group D questions is a great solution for your query. Here in the post on w3s.in, we have provided Railway Guwahati Board Group General Awareness (GK) Question with answers which was asked in RRC Guwahati Group D Examination 2013. RRC North Frontier Railway Guwahati Group D written examination was held on 27th October and 17th November 2013. The examination was held in the month of October, November and December 2013. RRC Guwahati Group D Answer key/ Solved Paper are given below.

RRC Guwahati Group D Solved Paper: 17th November 2013

  1. HBJ Pipelines carry natural gas from? – Hajira to Bijapur and Jagdishpur
  2. Nepa Nagar is known for is? - Newsprint Paper
  3. The new UNESCO World Heritage site is? - Hawa Mahal
  4. Language is not represented on India bank notes? - Bhojpuri
  5. The Indian National Congress was founded in the year? – 1885
  6. Who was sent by the Greek sovereigns as ambassadors to Pataliputra? Megasthenes
  7. Founder of Pala dynasty of Bengal was? Gopala
  8. The Mughal emperors wrote his autobiography in Persian? Jehangir
  9. The famous Jain scholar Hemachandra was patronized by? Dharmapala
  10. Guru Nanak preached? – Human brotherhood
  11. Islam became popular in India due to? – Its ideals of common brotherhood, The Missionary zeal and Its simplicity
  12. The greatness of Sher Shah lies in his? – Administrative reforms
  13. Life Divine is a book written by? – Sri Aurobindo
  14. The 193rd member of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) is? – South Sudan
  15. The World Red Cross Day is observed on? May 8
  16. The Indian states was devastated by heavy rainfall in June 2013? Uttarakhand
  17. The term describes not only the physical space occupied by an organism, but also its functional role in the community of organisms? – Ecotone
  18. Sushil Kumar won the silver medal for India in London Olympic Games 2013? Wrestling
  19. Roger Federer plays? - Lawn Tennis
  20. Nag Kund, Roop Tirth and Kapil Vyapi Kund ghats of which lake?
  21. Who is the first Indian bowler to take 600 test wickets? Anil Kumble
  22. Whose birth anniversary is also observed as Kishan Divas? Choudhury Charan Singh
  23. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport is located in? Ahmedabad
  24. Barometer is used for measuring? Atmospheric pressure
  25. Electric lamp was invented by? Thomas Alva Edison
  26. Frequency of sound is expressed in? Hertz
  27. The loudness of normal conversation is about? 60 DB
  28. 38th parallel is the boundary link between? North Korea and South Korea
  29. The chemical name of Vinegar is? Acetic acid
  30. The President can dissolve the Lok Sabha? On the advice of the Prime minister
  31. On the first occasion, the Prime minister India was appointed by? The Governor General
  32. No person can be employed in factories or mines unless hi is above the age of? 14 years
  33. The state of the Indian Union can be re-organised or their boundaries altered by? Two-third majority of both the Houses of Parliament and the consent of the legislatures of concerned states.
  34. The Sarvodaya Movement was started by? Jayaprakash Narayan
  35. The right to freedom from illegal detention is secured through the writ of? Prohibition
  36. Where did Mahatma Gandhi first apply his technique of satyagraha? South Africa
  37. A book named ‘Gulamgiri” written in 1873 by? Jyotirao Phule
  38. The Rowlatt Act of 1991 was opposed by Gandhi because? – It authorized the Government to detain any one without trial
  39. Who is the last President of India to receive the Bharat Ratna? A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  40. The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to? Distribute revenue between the centre and the states
  41. TCS stands for? Tata Consultancy Services
  42. Ramkrishna Mission is headquartered at? Belur Math
  43. Jabalpur is situated on the bank of river? Narmada
  44. The lowest zone of the atmosphere is? Troposphere
  45. Astigmatism is defect of human? Eye
  46. The largest delta in the world is? Sunderban Delta
  47. The name Guwahati has been derived from? Betal nut groves
  48. Who is the first Assamese translator of Ramayana? Madhav Kandali
  49. What is the literal meaning of the word ‘Ambubachi’? Purification of Ma Kamakhya
  50. Nongkrem dance, Shed Sukmynsiem and Wangela dance are celebrated in? Meghalaya
  51. Malinithan and Bhismaknagar, both places of archaeological and historical are in? Arunanchal Pradesh
  52. The city of Surat is located on the bank of river? Tapti
  53. The main advantage of crop rotation is? Preservation of soil fertility
  54. Bandipur National park is located in? Karnataka
  55. Which of the following is not a feature of the Himalayan rivers? Seasonal
  56. Most widely spread and important soil in India? Alluvial soil
  57. Announced by the Government in support of crop? Minimum support price
  58. Most prone to earthquakes? Young folded mountains
  59. Who amongst the following was the first to state that the earth was spherical?
  60. On which particular date does the sun remain at its shortest distance from the earth? 3rd January
  61. Samundragupta’s achievements are mentioned in? Allahabad Prasasti
  62. Where did Aurangzed die? Aurangabad
  63. The last major extension of the British Indian territory took place during the time of? Dalhousie
  64. The British Prime Minister who declared his communal Award scheme to India was? Ramsay Macdonald
  65. Vande Mataram was take from? Anand Math
  66. Surya Sen- Chittagong armoury raid, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan – Aligarh movement, Lord lytton – Ilbert Bill
  67. The call ‘Dilli Chalo’ was given by? Subhash Chandra Bose
  68. The famous Ghadhar movement was founded by? Sohan Singh Bhakra
  69. Haematite is not paired correctly with? Copper
  70. The Indian to win the All England Championship in Badminton? P.Gopichand
  71. Who has won Australian open Tennis Championship (Men’s single) 2013? Navak Djokovic
  72. DAE, is involved in? Research, Development and Production of Atomic Energy
  73. Dermatology deals with the treatment of? Skin
  74. Which part of the human body has thinnest skin? Lips
  75. The first Indian state to see sunrise? Arunachal Pradesh
  76. Jhelum, Chenab and Ravi are the tributaries of the river? Indus
  77. Which state is landlocked? Odisha
  78. The salary of the members of Parliament is decided by? The Parliament
  79. In an election, electioneering has to be stopped in constituency? 48 hours before the poll commences
  80. A rise in ‘SENSEX’ means? An overall rise in prices of shares of group of companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
  81. The gold stocks of RBI are valued at the rate of? International Gold Price
  82. Who is called the father of Economics? Adam Smith
  83. ‘Equilibrium Price’ is that price which? Equates consumers and producers surplus
  84. The book ‘Politics and Policies – A Marxist Perspective’ has authored by? Prakash Karat


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