TCS Interview & Placement Paper - Guntur, November 6, 2013

1) A beaker contains 180 liters of wine each day 60lts of wine is replaced with same amount of water what is the amount of wine after 3 days?

2) a+b=3 ,a^2+b^2=7 find a^4+b^4=?

3) Paul started from home with his bicycle travelling 6kmph at 12:00 pm and john started at 13:30 travelling 9kmph. at what timel john will 3km ahead of paul?

4) Saving = income-expenditure income in the ratio 1:2;3 and expenditure in the ratio 3:2:1 let persons income and expenditures be a,b,c.. find their savings in increasing order.

5) 1*1!+2*2!+3*3!+4*4!+.......+2012*2012!

6) A leap year it is and what is the probability of getting 53 sundays ?

7) Jake is faster than Paul. Jake and Paul each walk 24 km. The sum of their speeds is 7 km/h and the sum of time taken by them is 14 hours. Then Jake's speed is equal to :

8) 60% of male in a town and 70% of female in a town are eligible to vote. out of which 70% of male and 60% of female who are eligible to vote voted 4 candidate A. what is the value of votes in % did A get?

9) A number (exactly not is a four digit number started with 7) is given 9393 should be added to it so that it must be divided by 12, 24, 32, 54

10) There is a circle with 2 triangles inscribed in it. in opposite direction making a star. The triangle is equilateral of side 12. you have to tell the area of the remaining portion of the circle.

11)  A man has 3 shirts, 4 pairs of trousers and 6 ties. What are the number of ways in which he can dress himself with a combination of all the three?

12) A, E, F, and G ran a race.
A said "I did not finish 1st /4th
E said "I did not finish 4th"
F said "I finished 1st"
G said "I finished 4th"
If there were no ties and exactly 3 children told the truth, when who finishes 4th?

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