3i-Infotech Placement Paper Feb 2014

3i Infotech had two phases.
1) Written Test
2) Technical

The following questions asked in the tech round.
  • Full form of ETP, SMTP.
  • Acronym for VIRUS.
  • One question on VSWR.
  • How many directors and reflectors in Yagi Uda antenna?
  • What material is used for the manufacturing of GATE in MOSFETS.
  • One question on boolean algebra.
  • In which demodulators PLL is used?
  • What is is the chance in SNR with negative feed back?
  • What is the effect of bandwidth of an amplifier with negative feed back?
  • Why is Maxwell's loop law is used in networks?
  • What WAIT states are used in Microcontrollers?
  • What is the following step after an interrupt comes to a microprocessor?

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