Virtusa Technologies Placement Paper

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I have attended Virtusa this year off campus recruitment for freshers hiring

Virtusa first sections was Amcat examinations

Virtusa Rounds of interview:
1. Written exam. It was conducted by amcat.
Verbal Section.
Aptitude Section.
Technical Section.
Reasoning Section.

Time management is important factor. In technical section mainly questions from C and Data structures

Virtusa second section was GD Group Discussion
2. Group Discussion:
Our topic was Google.
It was easy but you need to be clear in what your trying to express. Go through all the Current issues. Example: Fall in the rupee rate. Even that might be your topic.

Virtusa Technical Interview 
3. Technical Interview:

Basic C, C++, DBMS, Java, OOPS concepts*.

If you're attending for QA then the questions would be.

A) Difference between manual and automation.
B) Types of testing.
C) Techniques in white box and black box.
D) Levels of testing.
E) Regression and retesting.
G) Boundary value analysis, Equivalence class partition.

Virtusa HR process
4. HR:

Simple questions like Tell me about yourself, tell me about your family.

Stay cool in the HR round.

If you're through in the TR then its a heads up.

Based on the Candidates Personal Experience.

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