GK + Marketing + Computer Question for SBI PO

1.    The Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) has, at the behest of the Govt of India, extended a Line of Credit of $89.90 mn to which of the following countries, for developing transportation system recently?
1) Cameroon                                 
2) Republic of Congo
3) Tanzania                                               
4) Kenya
5) None of these
2.    Which among the following bodies releases Exchange Control Manual regarding foreign exchange in India?
1) FIPP                              2) CCI                        
3) SEBI                             4) RBI             
5) None of these 
3.    The new Wholesale Price Index (WPI) series is expected to be operational from either the next financial year or the middle of 2014-15. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the recommendations of a high-powered committee on revamping WPI?
1) New WPI to have 2009-10 as the base year, against 2004-05 at present.     
2) It will give flexibility to the govt to shift the base to 2011-12 subsequently.
3) Prices to be collected from more centres.      
4) Weight of primary articles, fuel and power will decline in new WPI.
5) Weight of manufactured products will fall about two percentage points
  4.    The Supreme Court, in its recent verdict, held that a woman employee of central govt is entitled to get uninterrupted leave for _______for child care, which also includes needs like examination and sickness.
1) six months                               
2) nine months
3) one year                                               
4) two years
5) three years       
5.    Recently Supreme Court has set up a four member committee under the chairmanship of N R Madhva Menon for framing guidelines to prevent  _____?
(1) Ponzi Schemes
(2) Misuse of Funds on government Advt
(3) Illegal mining activities
(4) Misappropriation of powers by politicians
(5) None of these
6.    Which among the following International organization is not based in Geneva?
(1) World Trade Organisation
(2) International Labour Organisation
(3) Asian Development Bank
(4) Food and Agriculture Organisation
(5) Both 3 & 4
7.    The 61st National Film awards were announced recently. Which of the following films has won the award of ‘Best Hindi Film’?
1) Jolly LLB                        2) Shahid
3) Liar's Dice                     4) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
5) Madras Café
8.    Name the India-born poet who won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category for his witty and philosophical collection of poems recently?
1) Vijay Seshadri                          
2) Siddhartha Mukherjee 
3) Geeta Anand                           
4) Jhumpa Lahiri              
5) Gobind Behari Lal        
9.    Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL) is in process to conduct a joint feasibility study for exporting 100 MW power to which of the following countries from gas-fired Palatana power plant in Tripura?
1) Myanmar                      2) Bhutan                   
3) Nepal                            4) Bangladesh            
5) None of these
10.  On 1 April 2014, Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimated India's GDP is poised to accelerate at what per cent in 2014-15?
1) 6.5%                              2) 4.5 %                      
3) 5.9 %                             4) 7.0 %
5) 5.5%
11.  How many countries delegates visited India to have firsthand experience of Lok- Sabha Election 2014, under the “Election Visitors Programme 2014; launched by election commission of India?
 (1) 20                                (2) 50
(3) 100                               (4) 35
(5) None of these
12.  The sixteenth Lok Sabha election has created a situation when no single party qualify for a Leader of the Opposition post as the rules mandated that the LoP should be from a party whose members constitute at least ________of the total strength of the House.
1) 5 per cent                      2) 7 per cent
3) 10 per cent                    4) 12 per cent
5) 15 per cent
13.  Which among the following countries will chair ASEAN for 2014 for the first time?
(1) Myanmar                     (2) Philippines
(2) Brunei                          (4) Cambodia
(5) None of these
14.  Afghanistan has started using its first ever satellite AFGHANSAT 1 which will support broadcasting, mobile telephony and IP connectivity in the country. This satellite has been leased from which of the following agencies?
1) ISRO, India
2) Eutelsat, EU
4) Roscosmos, Russia
5) CNES, France
15.  Recently Mizoram won the Santosh Trophy 2014 football tournament by defeating which of the following team?
1) Railways
2) Manipur
3) Punjab
4) Kerala
5) None of these
16.  Marketing is definitely required when:
1) demand exceeds supply
2) supply exceeds demand
3) supply equal demands
4) staff is in excess
5) there is monopoly
17.  Push marketing style requires:
1) collective effort
2) good pushing strength
3) lengthy talks
4) ability to identify the leads
5) aggressive marketing
18.  In modern day marketing, the benefits of selling extend to.............
(1) Only products and services
(2) Only after sales services
(3) Lifelong relationship with the buyer
(4) All of the above
(5) None of the above
19.  For sustained relationship with the buyer, one of the following is necessary.............
(1) Continuity                    (2) Consistency
(3) Understanding             (4) Empathy
(5) All of these
20.  Out sourcing means service rendered by——
(1)  outside agencies
(2   other departments of the company
(3)  employees, other than the sales persons
(4)  marketing department
(5)  All of the above
21.  The performance of a sales person can be enhanced by.............
(1) increasing the sales incentives
(2) increasing the number of products to be sold
(3) appropriate training
(4) All of the above
(5) None of the above
22.  Sales Promotion involves - Find the incorrect option.............
(1) Building Product Awareness
(2) Creating Interest
(3) Providing Information
(4) Designing new products
(5)None of the above
23.  The USP of a Current Account is
(1) high Profitability
(2) liquidity
(3) low Rate of interest
(4) costly transactions
(5) friendly features
24.  Value added services’ implies
(1) additional knowledge of marketing staff
(2) service beyond normal hours
(3) service with extra facilities
(4) marketing agencies
(5) overtime work
25.  Optimum results in marketing is possible through.
(1) increased production
(2) more number of products
(3)  more sales persons
(4)  motivated staff
(5)  more ATMs
26.  Mutual Fund business from existing customers can be canvassed by
(1) coercion
(2) cross-selling
(3) internal marketing
(4) outdoor marketing
(5) road-shows
27.  Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to
(1) globalization
(2) excess staff
(3) nationalization of banks
(4) complacency among the staff
(5) poor customer service
28.  Virtual memory is –
(1) an extremely large main memory
(2) an extremely large secondary memory
(3) an illusion of an extremely large memory
(4) a type of memory used in super computers
(5) None of these
29.  Fragmentation is –
(1) dividing the secondary memory into equal sized fragments
(2) dividing the main memory into equal size fragments
(3) fragments of memory words used in a page
(4) fragments of memory words unused in a page
(5) None of these
30.  Which of the following are real time systems?
(A) an on-line real reservation system
(B) a process control system
(C) Aircraft control system
(D) Payroll processing system
(1) A and B                                    (2) C and D
(3) B and C                                   (4) A, B, C and D
(5) None of these
31.  Dirty Bit is used to show the –
(1) Page with corrupted data       
(2) Wrong page in the memory
(3) Page that is modified after being loaded into cache memory
(4) Page that is less frequently accessed
(5) None of these
32.  Which of the following is a service not supported by the operating system?
(1) Protection                    (2) Accounting
(3) Compilation                 (4) I/O Operation
(5) None of these
33.  Which of the following are Single-use operating system?
(A) MS DOS                     (B) UNIX     
(C) XENIX             (D)D OS2
(1)A and B             (2) B and D
(3) A and C                       (4) All A, B, C and D
(5) None of these
34.  In a multiprogramming environment-
(1) the processor executes more than one process at a time
(2) the programs are developed by more than one person
(3) more than one process resides in the memory
(4) a single user can execute many programs at the same time
(5) None of these
35.  Distributed systems should-
(1) meet prescribed time constraints
(2) aim better resource sharing
(3) aim better system utilization
(4) aim low system overhead
(5) None of these
36.  Memory protection is normally done by the-
(1) processor and the associated hardware
(2) operating system        
(3) compiler
(4) cabinet                        
(5) user program
37.  Which of the following applications are well suited for batch processing?
(A) Process control                      
(B) Video game control
(C) Preparing pay bills of employees
(D) Preparing mailing addresses
(1) A and C only               
(2) C and D only
(3) A, B and D only                      
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
38.  Which of the following is not a function of OS?
(1) Process Management
(2) Device Management
(3) Hardware Management         
(4) Power Management
(5) None of these
39.  A system with multiple CPU’s is called-
(1) time sharing system   
(2) desktop system
(3) client-server system   
(4) parallel system
(5) None of these
40.  When more than one processes are running concurrently on a system-
(1) batched system          
(2) real-time system
(3) multi programming system    
(4) multiprocessing system
(5) None of these


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