Marketing Study Material SBI PO/IBPS/Upcoming Banking Exams

Marketing Study Material:

1.    A lead means – A prospective buyer
2.    Benchmark means – set standards
3.    Customization means – specific products for each customer
4.    Value Added Service means – additional service
5.    Customer retention means – customers dealing with same organization for long time
6.    The sequence of the sales process is – Lead, call, presentation and sale
7.     “POS” means – Point Of Sale.
8.    Market Research is useful for – deciding proper marketing strategies
9.    A ‘call’ means – visiting prospective customer.
10.  Online marketing is the function of - I.T Department
11.  Customization is useful for – Designing customer specific products.
12.  The key challenge to market driven strategy is – Delivering superior values to the customers.
13.  Effective selling skills depends on – knowledge level of the sales team.
14.  Generation of sales leads can be improved by – increasing personal and professional contacts.
15.  A market plan is – Documented marketing strategies
16.  Marketing channel mean – Delivery outlets.
17.  Social Marketing means - marketing for a social cause.
18.  Service marketing means - Relationship Marketing
19.  Market driven Strategies include – positioning the organization and its brand in the market place.
20.  Innovation in marketing means – Creativity.
21.  Personal loan can de canvassed among – Salaried persons
22.  A presentation means – explaining the utility of products
23.  Conversion means – converting a prospective client into a buyer
24.  Modern style of marketing include – digital marketing, telemarketing, e-commerce, e-mail solicitation
25.  e-marketing is same as – digital marketing
26.  Aggressive marketing is necessitated due to – increased competition
27.  Efficient marketing style requires – proper planning, good communication skill, team work, knowledge of products.
28.  The performance of a sales person depends on – ability and willingness of the sales person.
29.  The sole aim of marketing is to – increase sales.
30.  Lead generation means – likely sources for prospective clients.
31.  CRM – Customer Relationship Management
32.  CRM is – A pre sale activity/ a tool for lead generation/ an ongoing daily activity/the task of a DSA.
33.  Bancassuranse can be sold to – All existing and prospective bank customers. 
34.  A successful “Blue Ocean Strategy” requires – effective communication/innovative skills/motivation.
35.  Cross selling is the basic function of all sales persons.
36.  Data mining means – analysing the data stored with the back office staff.
37.  SME means – small and medium enterprises 
38.  The first step in the transaction processing cycle is – data entry
39.  Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as – the crime of spoofing
40.  A presentation means: Explain the utility products
41.  Relationship Marketing is useful for:  Cross-selling of products
42.  Good Public Relation indicate: Improved marketing skills, Improved brand image,   Improved customer service.
43.  Networking helps in marking marketing function: An easy task
44.  Delivery channel means — Place where products are made available to the buyers
45.  One of the methods for market monitoring is —-  To discuss with other sales persons
46.  A scenario in which a customer has too much awareness of the Brand is called: Over Positioning
47.  Creating a distinctive place in the minds of customer means: Brand Positioning
48.  Say’s Law of Markets states that____ Supply creates its own demand
49.  Gresham’s Law states that— Bad money drives good money out of circulation


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