Tata Consultancy Services Placement Paper - Jaipur, November 19, 2013

1) For a triangle, given length of one side=68 cm, second side= 32 cm. Area of the triangle= 960 sq. cm. Find the exact value of third side?

2) From AB as a diameter, a semicircle is drawn, from some random point C on AB, a perpendicular is drawn meeting the semicircle at D. Given AC=2, CD=6, find area of the semicircle?

3) Jack walks faster than Ronny. They walk a distance 24 km. The sum of their speeds=7 km/hr. The sum of the times taken by them to cover that 24km distance =14 hours. Find the speed of JACK??

4) In triangle ABC, given AB= 15, AC= 39, BC= 36. From B, a perpendiculr to AC is dropped meeting side AC at D. With BC as radius, a circle is drawn which meets the sides AB and BC at P and Q respectively. Find AP:QC?

5) A rectangle is sectioned into 4 rectangle. One with area 70, other with area 36, and third with area 20. Find the area of fourth rectangle formed, (This question was very easy as the figure was given).

6) Find- 1*2 +2*2^2 + 3*2^3 + 4*2^4+.................+ 100*2^100

7) Ratio of radii of Cylinder and Cone = 1:2. Their heights are same. Ratio of their Volumes=???

8) A number plate set consists of 4 places. first two for Alphabets and last two for Numerical values. No repetition allowed. How many number plates can be formed?

9) A person works 8 days and rests for one day on 9th day. If he strts his work on Monday, what is the day on his 12th rest?

10)Find the odd one out? 60, 48, 38, 28, 24, 20, 18?

11) 12 towns divided into 4 zones with 3 town in each. Every town of same zone is connected to the town in its zone with 3 direct telephone lines. The town from one zone is connected to town of other zone by one direct line. How many direct lines are required?

12) 16 school team participate. 8000/- is total money to be distributed in prizes. The last team gets 275 prize money. and after that every winning team successively has  got 275 plus the previous prize money. How much does the first team get?

13) Find the probability of getting 53 Sundays in a leap year picked randomly.

14) 20 people with two sisters among them want to sit around a round table such that the two sisters are exactly separated by one person sitting in between them. Find the probability.

15) Some question on three basketball teams A, B, C. There were a few relations given among the tallest of the teams and the smallest of the team.
like if x, m , n are the tallest of A, B, C. and w, y, z are the smallest of the teams.
given- x<y; z<w; m<n; x<m.

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