WIPRO Technical Questions Placement Paper

Technical Questions

1. Maximum no. of
questions that can be answered from any section is 4. How many ways he can
attempt the paper?

    (a) 50

    (b) 100

    (c) 120

    (d) 200

  Ans. (d)

2. a and b are two
numbers selected randomly from 1,2,3?. 25 what is the probability of a and b
are not equal.

    (a) 1/25

    (b) 24/25

    (c) 13/25

    (d) 2/25

  Ans. (b)

3. The sum of the
series 1 + 1(1+1/n) + 3(1+1/n)2 + ?.. is equal to?

Ans. n2

4. Two circles of
different radii intersects each other what is the maximum no of intersections

     (a) 0

     (b) 1

     (c) 2

     (d) 3

   Ans. (c)

5. If x= sin-1(t), y =
log(1-t2), find d2y/dx2 when t=1/2

     (a) 1

     (b) 0

     (c) -8/3

     (d) -2/3

      Ans. (c)

6. If x approaches
infinity , then (?ex dx )/( ?e2xdx) is ?

       (a) 1

       (b) 0

       (c) -1

       (d) 2

    Ans. (a)

7. If
f(x)=1-cos(1-cosx)/x4 is continuos at f(0) then what is x

    (a) 1

    (b) 0

    (c) 1/4

    (d) -1/4

    Ans. (c)

8. For the word
SURITI, if you arrange the letters in dictionary order then what is its rank?

     (a) 234

     (b) 235

     (c) 236

     (d) 237

     Ans. (c)


1.  void main()


       char *p=""s"Hello";


  what is the o/p?





2. Tcp/ip is


    b)connection oriented

    c)both a & b


    ans b

3.Process has memory
divided into how many parts?




  d.memory is undivided

4.one more question on
correcting the error in the given sentence

5.given 4 words, to
find out the odd one out..

6.small passage was given..the inference from the passage is ?

7. A, B ans C are
three speakers. They have to speak randomly along with another 5 speakers in a

     A has to speak before B and B has to speak before C.
What is the probability.

    Ans. 1/6

8. If dy = (secx +
ytanx)dx, Then the curve is

    (a) x = ycosx

    (b) x = ysinx

   (c) x = ytanx

   (d) x = ysecx

   Ans. (a)

9. Two series are
16,21,26?. and 17,21,25?.. What is the sum of first hundred common numbers

    (a) 101100

    (b) 110100

   (c) 101110

   (d) 110101

   Ans. (a)

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