SBI associate PO 2014 GK Question 23 November 2014 Evening Exam

We are providing you some of the GK and computer questions asked in today's exam.(Evening shift)

  • What is the full form of MTSS ?-Money Transfer Service scheme
  • Who is the Minister of Tribal Affairs? - Jual Oram
  • What is the minimum paid up capital for Small Banks? - 100 crore
  • Router is use for which purpose? - Data transmission between the computers
  • Network speed is measure in? - bits per second 
  • What is the shortcut key to insert new document? - ctrl + n
  • What is the full form of HTML? - Hyper Text Markup Language
  • What does T stands for in CTSS? - Time
  • One question from countries and their capitals.
  • Which of the following provide facility to use the public network to transmit secret data? - Virtual Private network
  • What is the shortcut to select all texts of a document? - ctrl + a
  • Where is the HQ of allahabad bank? - Kolkata


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