SBI associate PO 2014 GK Questions - 23 November 2014 Morning Shift

We are providing you some of the GK,marketing and computer questions and Descriptive topics asked in today's exam.(morning shift)
  • Book 'road to the deep north' that won Men's Booker award is written by - Richard Flanagan
  • Why west indies board cancelled series with india? - Salary disputes between Players and WICB
  • What is the full form of LAN? - Local Area Network
  • Who is the current Vice president of the USA? - Joe Biden 
  • What is the full form of BIOS?- Basic Input Output System
  • What are the Stages in Product Life Cycle? - Introduction,Growth,Maturity and Decline
  • Ctrl+s used for? - To save the document
  • Shit+delete used for ? To Permanently delete a file  
  • What does letter A dnote in NPA? - Assets
  • What is the full form of ASCII? - American Standard Codes for Information Interchange
  • SEBI is which kind of body? - Market regulating Body
  • One ques relted to Money market.
  • Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations? - Ban Ki-moon
  • Who is the current CM of Haryana? - Monohar Lal Khattar
  • Who is the Current chief economic officer? - Arvind Subramanian
  • The first page of website is called as? - Home Page
  • What the name of the apex bank of USA? - Federal Reserve Bank
  • What is the full form of USB? - Universal Serial Bus

Descriptive Questions asked in today's exam
Letter writing:
  • Letter to editor regarding electronic waste.
  • Letter to your DTH operator for discontinuation of servive for 1 month as you are going out of station.
  • Letter to ISRO team to congratulate for the success of MOM mission
Eassay writing: 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce
Paragraph writing
  • Is RBI willful defaulter norms hindering justice?  
Comprehension Passage
  • Passage on kalapalo tribe in Brazil.


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