IBPS Clerk 2014 - Latest and important Tips

Only one day to go for the IBPS CWE Clerks exams to start. And we know that you all will be equally anxious and worried about the exam. You all will be busy with last minute preparations, revisions and so on. Be cautious guys, don't get panicked and miss something. Herewith we are giving you some "Last Minute Preparation Tips"; you can take it to be do’s and don'ts before exam and what all to prepare at the end of the day. We hope that this article will be helpful to each of you who have exams starting from tomorrow.

Friends, in this post we have given you a brief tips instead of a detailed one due to the time constraints. We are ready to help you guys if you have further doubts regarding this post. Please feel comfortable to get solutions of your problems using the comments section. Happy Reading!!

This is the first and foremost thing you have to take care about for every exam. Maintain time for every section. It solely depends on you on how you utilize the time for each section. That means, for example, I am good at Quant and Computers and hence I will attempt these two sections first and the remaining later. You have to decide on which section to attempt first and which one at last. Because, some might feel it comfortable to solve Quant under pressure and many may feel it hard and confusing to do it under pressure. Let me through some more light on this topic by giving you a sample data which most of you might be using in the exams.

Try to complete English, General Awareness & Computers section in 30-45 minutes of time and spare the remaining time for Quant and Reasoning.

The next important thing you need to focus in online exams is Speed. Your speed matters a lot during the exams; to get the speed you need to practice a lot prior to the examinations. Many have doubts that: I do practice a lot, but in the exams, I couldn’t perform well. There might be two problems. First one being that you might not have experienced the pressure when you are practicing. That, is when you are giving your exam you have some pressure due to the time constraints. So, go for some Speed Tests; remember guys, in my view, STs are only for maintaining your time and to get the speed.

The second reason may be the ACCURACY. Most of you know that in IBPS exams, accuracy plays a great role! For example, in GA section you have attempted just 20 questions and all of them are correct; then there are chances of you earning a few grace marks. Now you might have got the point of how accuracy maintains in these exams. Hence, maintain both the speed and accuracy to get good marks.

We have been observing many aspirants asking the question like on what we have to focus more before the exam, as I have only one week or some x days left. Guys, as the level will be lower than that of the POs and most of you people will have given the PO exam and must really have prepared well. So, keep that experience and clear the clerks. Coming to the topics you need to focus, each and every topic in every section will be equally important. And if at all you need it for sure, here you go with the to be focused topics:

Quant: Basics of Mathematics (Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications & Divisions); Squares, Cubes & Square Roots, Cube Roots; Averages; Ratios & proportions; SI & CI; and Profit & Loss.

Reasoning: Syllogisms and Puzzles (seating arrangements) must be the main focus

Computers and General Awareness: Go for the respective Capsules provided by Bankers Adda

Banking Awareness: Follow the Quiz provided by the site

English: Try to read more paragraphs from the Editorial pages of THE HINDU newspaper also practice a lot of “correction of sentences” from previous papers sets.

Guys don’t go for anything new before a couple of days of your exam. Revise all those stuff, which you have prepared for till now! Revise the Capsule again and again and if you have any more last minute revisions do it. Reserve the last two days for revision purpose only. And, two hours of your exam, never ever read anything. Let your mind be free; don’t try to give more stress to it as there are chances that it might get stuck in your exam. This is nowhere a joke friend; from my experience I am telling you these. Just keep yourself relaxed and calm; in turn this might help you little bit during your exam to extract more info hiding in your brain.
Let me conclude this post by giving you all guys some extra tips in precise.

  • Be at least 20 minutes prior to the time mentioned in your admit card
  • Have a sound sleep the night before your exam
  • Have some healthy food on the day of your examination
  • Have a look at the time every now and then
  • Please do plan on which section to be attempted first and which ones later
  • Even try to distribute the time among the sections before itself

This is all what we have you guys for now. For more updates, quiz please stay tuned on the site!


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