Technology & Computer Awareness - Important Study Material - Competitive Exams

  1. Blue is what number on the resistor color code? 6
  2. Changing computer language of 1's and 0's to characters that a person can understand is... Decode
  3. What's a web browser? A software program that allows you to access sites on the World Wide Web
  4. - is an example of what? A URL
  5. How many bits is a byte? 8 
  6. How do you subscribe to an Internet mailing list? Send e-mail to the list manager
  7. Computers calculate numbers in what mode? Binary
  8. What is an FET? Field Effect Transistor
  9. The letters, "DOS" stand for...Disk Operating System
  10. What does CPU stand for? Central Processing Unit
  11. Modem stands for... Modulator Demodulater
  12. What is the difference between the Internet and an intranet? One is public, the other is private
  13. A JPG is... A format for an image file
  14. Another word for 'Graphics for a word processor'? Clip art
  15. RAM stands for... Random Access Memory
  16. A DV camcorder is... Used to create digital video
  17. Google ( is a...? Search Engine
  18. HTTP? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  19. AOL stands for.. America Online
  20. Another name for a computer chip is ... Micro Chip
  21. "www" stands for... World Wide Web
  22. ROM stands for... Read Only Memory
  23. ISP stands for.. Internet Service Provider
  24. Internet Explorer is a... Web Browser
  25. What is a GPU? Graphics Processing Unit
  26. What is LCP? Link Control Protocol
  27. What is VCM? Virtual Channel Memory
  28. What is a spider? A program that catalogs Web sites
  29. The abbreviation URL stands for: Uniform Resource Locator
  30. What is NAT? Network Address Translation
  31. What is TTL? Time To Live
  32. What does ICMP stand for? Internet Control Message Protocol
  33. What is FMD? Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disc
  34. What does SSL stand for? Secure Socket Layer
  35. The Internet was developed in the...1960s