25 May 2015

IBM Placement Paper based on Candidate experience January 2015

I attended Tech mahindra , tcs , capgemini,IBM for written test finally i selected in IBM. For IBM they first coducted written test about Aptitude & number series ,next written test have basic English.After that they conducted Interview.

Written test--

According to my Experience for written test practice number Series & problems on percentages and Time &work ,Time & Distance is Enough.because this written test have 18 questions on number series problems.after this written test they conducted another written test for qualified students.this written test has basic english.for this written test prepare some business letters ,and panctuations,voice,speech.But Important in this written test is we have time limit of 20 minutes with 20 questions.

Interview -
In Interview they asked me to tell me about yourself for 5 minutes.after that he asked me to tell about my internship project.  he asked me some questions about my project.with this my interview is completed .

-i want to share with job aspirants is that be confident and prepare well for interview.For IBM they dont ask any difficult questions they check our basic technical knowledge and our way of telling and our confidence levels.


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