Infosys Placement Paper Based on Candidate Experience March 2015 - Latest Placement Paper

1. Companies attended

        Company                     Disqualified at
1. Tech Mahindra                 Written test
2. TCS.                                             HR
3. Capgemini.                                GD
4. SAP.                                             TR
5. Wipro.                                        GD
6. Infosys.                                  Selected

2. Experience with selected company(Infosys)

Infosys Selection Process consists of 2 stages:

1. Online Test.
2. Technical / HR Interview.

1. Online Test:

It Consists of 3 sections:
(a) Reasoning section: (15 questions, 25 minutes)

It comprised of three parts.

1. Syllogism (5 marks).
2. Data Interpretation (5 marks).
3. Data sufficiency (5 marks).

(b) Aptitude section: (10 questions, 35 minutes)

It comprises of a puzzle followed by 5 questions, and 5 questions from quantitative aptitude like time and work, time and distance, crypt arithmetic, allegations and mixtures, clocks (permutations and combinations are also asked in other campus but not in our test).

The above two sections are easy if you are good at above topics and good at solving puzzles.

(c) Verbal (40 questions, 35 minutes)

(i) Sentence Correction:

Among 4 sentences the correct one should be detected.
No.of Questions: 8.

(ii) Insert Correct Phrase:
Underline a part of sentence and asked to insert correct phrase in it from given four options.
No.of Questions: 8.

(iii) Fill In The Blanks.
No.of Questions: 8.

(iv) Theme Detection.
No.of Questions: 6.

(v) Two Reading Comp.
No.of Questions: 10.

This section was bit tough, but you can crack it if you are good at English. Time will go like anything while solving this section. So manage time well to crack the online test.

2. Interview part

It was just like HR round where they will be checking communication skills and honesty. 95% of the questions in this round are asked from your RESUME. So don't keep unnecessary things that you don't know about in your resume. Just be yourself and give your best.

My interview went like this,

Me: May I come in sir?

Interviewer: Yeah. Please come in and be seated. (He also said that don't get nervous and be cool. He created a friendly atmosphere in the interview room. So I communicated freely with the HR)

Then came the ultimate question. INTRODUCE YOURSELF?

Me: As I was already prepared for this. I answered it confidently.

Interviewer: Well, Why Infosys?
Me: While am answering the question, he interrupted me and asked.

What do you know about infosys?
Me: Told.

: Tell me about your project?
Me: Explained

Interviewer: What are the challenging situations you faced in your life?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Me: Told.

Apart from C, What languages you know?
Me: Java.

Do you know completely about Java?
Me: Yes (confidently).

Tell me different types of joins in SQL? And explain one in detail.
Me: Explained with an example.

Seeing my resume he asked the terms which seemed different?
Me: Explained

Interviewer: If you are asked to give location preferences what do you select?
Me: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and any place in India.

We are having the areas like Designing, Coding, Testing, Maintenance, in which area you like to work?
Me: I said Development.

Interviewer: Which technology you will work?
Me: Hadoop.

Interviewer: OK. Nice to meet you and gave a shake hand to me and said Good day with Smile.

Questions that I feel different or new in interview

What are the challenging situations you faced in your life?

Suggestions to job Aspirants

1. If you have GD in your selection process don't wait for a chance to speak. Take the chance and speak loudly. If three voices raise yours should be the one that should be audible.

2. Be yourself in the interview.

3. Don't keep unnecessary things in your resume.


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