Accenture Placement Paper & Interview Experience - 19th October 2014 PEC Chandigarh – Memory Based paper of candidate

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my experience of Accenture recent interview which I attended.

There were 2 rounds of selection process :

1) Written Exam .
2) Technical and HR Interview.

Firstly, the written test was conducted which consisted of three sections and 55 questions in total which had to be completed in 1 hour time (55 min precisely ). The three sections were as follows :

1) Verbal section (20 min) - Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Prepositions, Synonyms/Antonyms.

2) Aptitude (20 min) - Venn Diagrams, Probability, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion and Areas.

3) Analytical (15 min) - Integrated reasoning, Blood Relations, Syllogism, BODMAS rule problems ( * means +, @ means - , & means * , $ means / What is the value of 5&23$322*2 ? ).

P.S - No need to prepare all the quant sections. Just go through these sections once.

The result came in around 1 hour and I was shortlisted for the interview round.

Interview Round consisted of one round both technical + HR. Shortlisted students were divided into a group of 6 students each and a combined interview was conducted in different lots.

In my lot there were 6 students ( 2 CSc 1 Civil and 3 Mechanical ). There was 1 technical and 1 HR guy.

Technical Questions :

1) Tell me something about your Projects?
2) For CSC students : - C++ basics , Encapsulation, Polymorphism etc. and OOPS?

HR questions :

1) Introduce yourself?
2) What is the meaning of your name? lol
3) What are your hobbies?
4) How many of you read newspapers?. What are the current headlines?
5) Why Accenture?
6) Any questions u'd like to ask?

That was how it all went and the results were declared after half an hour of waiting and finally I was selected :)

So, guys just answer all the questions confidently and do not panic . Hope this will help for those preparing for Accenture .

All the best !

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