Accenture Placement Paper - Interview Experience - 28th November – 2014 Thapar University, Patiala

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my experience of Accenture recent interview which I had attended.

There were 2 rounds of selection process :

1) Written Exam.
2) Technical and HR Interview(Combined)

Firstly, the written test was conducted which consisted of three sections and 55 questions in total which had to be completed in 55 min precisely.The three sections were as follows :

1) Verbal section (20 min) - Reading Comprehension(mostly related to SQL,DBMS etc but can be answered without having the knowledge of it previously), Articles(out of 20, 5-6 questions were from this),Prepositions, 1 question on Synonyms.

2) Aptitude (20 min){Speed matters here} - Venn Diagrams(Mainly), Probability, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion.

3) Analytical (15 min){easiest of all} - Integrated reasoning, Blood Relations, Syllogism, BODMAS rule problems ( * means +, @ means - , & means * , $ means / What is the value of 5&23$322*2 ? ).

Note: No need to prepare all the quant sections. Just go through these sections once.

The result came in around 1 hour and I was shortlisted for the interview round. Infact
105 were shortlisted from around 180 or so people.

Interview Round consisted of one round both technical + HR. Shortlisted students were divided into a group of 5 students each and a combined interview was conducted in different lots.{4 panels simultaneously in our college}

In my lot there were 5 students ( 4 electronics ,1 Mechanical).

Technical Questions : Surprisingly no questions were asked. Even in PPT they told they did not require any Computer programming skills. But for CS people or for those who had written C programming skills in their CV(so be careful), they may ask a few simple questions.

HR questions :

1) Introduce yourself?
2) Your views on Social networking-Is it a curse or a boon..?{All the students were asked to put forward their point of view}
2) Any questions u'd like to ask? & Thats it...!!

In some other panels- They ask to speak on any topic for 1 minute. And do listen to companies PPT carefully becoz they may ask questions from that.(eg. core values of accenture, revenue, or different entities they work in.

That was how it all went and the results were declared in the evening I was selected :)
Although the interview was made to look tough, 94 out of 105 who appeared for interview got selected.All the students from my slot were selected.{Many students were surprised to see their name in the list..!! :P}.

Here I would like to say the reputation of college played a big role. They knew that Thapar University being a reputed college so their students do have the basic aptitude to work in their firm. Thats why almost all those who appeared for interview got selected which may not be always possible with a regional college.

Note: Salary is slightly better than TCS and there is no joining date problem in Accenture(All will start their training between July-September).

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