Accenture Placement Paper Interview Experience - Pune, 12 Oct 2015

Hi everyone.

I got selected in accenture on 12 oct 2014. After getting rejected from about 10 companies I was very disheartened and started loosing my confidence. But on 8 Oct I got a mail from Elitmus that I'm shortlisted for the accenture interview process and I started preparing for the interview.

Now comes the day of interview. As I was shortlisted through Elitmus so there were only two rounds. Technical and hr round. After a long process of verification done by elitmus and after a long wait at 6:30 pm I was called for the interview. We were send in a group of 6 people and were told that our hr and technical interview will be combined. Now after entering the room there were two HR. The questions asked by both the HR were as follows.

1. What is your hobby?
2. Which cartoon character you relate to?
3. Asked us to tell something about accenture?
4. Difference between C and Java?
5. Name different operating system?

And after our interview we were asked to wait outside. After 5 min a guy from Elitmus came and told that congratulations you all are selected. We all were very happy. I was so happy and excited that at last I got a job and that too in such a good MNC like accenture. I just wanted to tell all you guys who are still searching for jobs that don't lose hope and never give up. Just keep trying. And remember one thing hard work always pays.

All the best to all :-).

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