Accenture Placement Paper - Interview Experience - Karur, December 26, 2014

Hai friends,

First of all, I would like to place my immense gratitude to and those who have encouraged me to be placed in world known IT giant Accenture.

On that day over 1600 students from all over the Tamilnadu gathered for the Accenture off-campus.

There were two rounds,

1. Online test.
2. Tech + HR interview.

Coming to the first round which was quite tough to ans. For this round we have to prepare one week prior to the interview. It has 3 sections:

a. Quantitative Aptitude- 25 questions- 25 minutes (Minimum no.of questions to be attempted- 15).

b. Verbal- 25 questions- 25 minutes (Minimum no.of questions to be attempted- 15).

c. Logical Reasoning-24 questions-35 minutes (Minimum no.of questions to be attempted- 15).


1. Go through the topics and important formulas in
2. Don't try to memorize the previous question papers.
3. Try to answer your own.
4. Be presence of mind and cool headed.


The second round is Tech + HR interview.

5 Students were interviewed at the same time and the questions asked is as follows:


1. What is meant by Starter? ( I'm EEE dept)

2. Question based on my answer like starter types.

3. What is inside the fan regulator?

4. What is the advantage of fan regulator?

5. State the difference between generator and alternator.

6. Why AC systems are preferred over DC systems?

7. What is meant by operating system?

8. What are the types of OS among those which one is open source?

9. What is meant by BOOTLOADER?

10. What is DBMS, RDBMS, ORDBMS?

HR Questions:


2. Questions based on what I spoke from the spot topic.

3. What do know from e-commerce?

4. If you are the PM of INDIA, What will you do?

5. Why Accenture?

6. What do you know about Accenture?

7. What is your dream company?

8. Why do you prefer software field?

9. How can you work in a different situation?

10. Can you able to work in night shifts?


1. Be Formal, wear formal dress with black belt,black shoes neatly polished.
2. Carry a smile always while you are in the interview hall.
3. Have a confident eye contact with the interviewer.
4. Give a firm handshake (your nervousness will be identified from your hand shake).
5. Be louder when you speak (This shows that you are confident in your answer).
6. Dont give wrong answers (Apologize the interviewer if you don't know the answer).
7. Don't use stylish language (Use formal fluent clear English).
8. Be good in your technical dept concepts.

Friends, If you clear the first round 80% of the success you get. Try hard to clear the 1st round and be smart to clear the 2nd round.

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