19 June 2015

Accenture Placement Paper October 2014 based on candidate real time Experience

Hi Everyone.


English - 90; Computer Programming - 97;  Logical - 87;  and Quantitative - 80 (all in percentile).

I left for Chennai on 17th because my friend had his interview on 18th. Travelling by train, sleeping on the floor, in between two drunk men, it has horrible. As we reached Chennai. It was raining heavily, some how got into a hotel. I started preparing for next day and my friend left for the interview. When he came back, he saw me studying and took my copy. He was depressed and said that don't study, I asked him about his interview. He told there were 5 people in his group, 3 were having call letters from Cognizant and HP. The HR asked them to ask some technical questions among themselves, and some tough DBMS questions.

I closed my books and slept.

BIG DAY (Interview):

I reached the VIT Chennai campus 50 mins before the allotted reporting time (11 AM). At the entrance they checked the call Letter and allowed to go at the venue. 

My roll no was in 600's, so I had to wait till evening. It around 6:30, when my name was called after waiting for almost 8 hours, and ours was the last batch for the day. In my Batch, It was 5 people. 5 per panel they called and there was one Technical interviewer.

As soon as he was starting to take our interview. HR came, the interview started.

Question 1 -  Tell us about yourself in just 30 sec.

All of us did.

Question 2 - 

Second question was going to be extempore types (as told by other candidates). But the HR told in a soft voice to the technical person, "since all of them are boys, lets ask them that question."

So Question 2. Was "as an individual, what steps would you take to implement 'single child policy'?" Speak for 1 min.

all of us did. 

So after waiting for 8 hrs, our interview ended in (30sec - 5 = 2.5min + 5min ) 8 min. :D 

We all were depressed and were in no hope of getting selected and thought that it was just a formality of taking our interview, they have already selected the req. Number.

But after 15 mins. Result was announced, and all of us were selected.

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