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Today we are providing some important General Awareness quiz which is on the pattern of the section which is coming in actual examinations like SBI PO MAINS,IBPS RRB PO/CLERK, RBI OFFICE ASSISTANT,etc . So please complete the quiz it will help you to get good score in upcoming competitive examination. Finish the following quiz.

1).International Labour Day was celebrated on_______.
a) May 1st
b) May 2nd
c) May 3rd
d) May 4th
e) None of these

2).What is venue of Asian Banker Summit 2015?
a) Delhi
b) Tokyo
c) Bangkok
d) Hong Kong
e) None of these

3).MAT stands for_______.
a) Maximum Alternate Tax
b) Minimum Alternate Tax
c) Maximum Average Tax
d) Medium Alternate Tax
e) None of these

4).What is the India’s growth percentage projected by Fitch for 2015-16?
a) 7%
b) 9.5%
c) 7.5%
d) 8%
e) None of these

5).Which of the following organizations has formed a partnership to offer Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana insurance?
a) Oriental Insurance and LIC
b) NICL and LIC
c) Canara Bank and Life Insurance Corporation
d) HDFC and SBI
e) None of these

6).Headquarters of World Trade Organization is _______.
a) Berlin
b) Geneva
c) New York
d) Manila
e) None of these

7).Which of the following country is 161st member of World Trade Organization?
a) Afghanistan
b) Bangladesh
c) Pakistan
d) Seychelles
e) None of these

8).NASA has stopped the operations of MESSENGER Mission, which was launched to study the atmosphere of_______.
a) Saturn
b) Mars
c) Venus
d) Mercury
e) None of these

9).Which of the two states have introduced 5 lakhs rupees Accident Insurance Scheme for Transport Drivers?
a) Kerala and Karnataka
b) Tamil nadu and Bihar
c) Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
d) Uttar Pradesh and Haryana
e) None of these

10).Who is the New Director General of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?
a) Narendra Kumar
b) Ramdev Sharma
c) Surender Singh
d) Akilesh Kumar
e) None of these

11). At present, the formula for subscription to RRBs capital has been fixed at
a) Central Government 50%, State Government 15% and Sponsor Bank 35% 
b) Central Government 60%, State Government 20% and Sponsor Bank 20% 
c) Central Government 30%, State Government 30% and Sponsor Bank 40% 
d) Central Government 35%, State Government 35% and Sponsor Bank 30% 
e) Central Government 50%, State Government 25% and Sponsor Bank 25%

12). Capital market is a market which deals in 
a) short-term funds 
b) Long-term funds 
c) gilt-edge securities 
d) All of the above 
e) None of the above

13).The Regulatory Authority for Regional Rural banks is
a) Sponsor Bank 
b) Central Government 
c) State Government 
e) All of the above

14).“Banking Ombudsman” means a person:
a) appointed to settle dispute between employees and management 
b) to whom customer can approach for redressal of his grievances against the bank.
c) appointed to recover  dues from defaulting borrowers,
d) all of these
e) none of the above 

15).The term “dormant account” means:
a) account showing an average balance of less than 100 during a half year,
b) account which remains inoperative for an extended period of time, 
c) accounts which have been blocked under the exchange control regulations, 
d) loan/ cash  credit/ overdraft accounts which are considered irrecoverable ,
e) none of the above 

1) a
2) d
3) b
4) d
5) c
6) b
7) d
8) d
9) c


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