IBM Careers 2015

IBM Careers 2015: IBM has been present in India since 1992. IBM India's solutions and services span all major industries including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. As a trusted partner with wide-ranging service capabilities, IBM helps clients transform and succeed in challenging circumstances. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software, uniquely distinguishes IBM India from other companies in the industry.

Job description
1. Brief Note on BU
STG ( Software Technology Group )System Quality Assurance Team provides Validating on Pre & Post GA Testing of STG & SWG ( Software Group )Products (AIX, VIOS and Java) on different versions of Enterprise Power Servers and supported IO Adaptors and IO Drawers.

The team also focus on performing integrated system and Stress testing on Pre-Ga release of AIX/VIOS and also functional regression test and shipment of service fixes (PTFs) for released versions of the AIX & VIOS Operating System according to the Service Schedule.

2. A short description to the job role/responsibilities/skills needs to be included:
The Engineer will be involved in understanding existing Test Frame work/ Test Scripts/ Test cases developed on AIX/VIOS. You will be involved in developing Test cases, Test plan based on the new features/enhancements planned for new releases of AIX/VIOS on Power process family. You will be involved in developing tools/scripts in optimizing validation time and also to increase test coverage and to populate utilization matrix. You will be expected to possess following skills.

- Proven working knowledge on UNIX like Operating and familiar with commands.
- Proven programming skills (understanding & writing programs in C-Language)
- Good knowledge on shell scripting (Bash, ksh,Perl)
- Proven Validation skills
- Good understanding of Power Processor.

3. Role:
ISST-AIX Regression Test Team.

4. Responsibilities:
• Proven understanding of Test Framework/Test cases.(Written in C-Language)
• Proven knowledge in AIX and Power concepts.
• Design and Develop test cases/test plan and tools.

5. Skills:
• C – Language
• UNIX- OS Concepts
• Shell scripting

6. Total years of experience: 6 – 12 Months (Intern conversion).

Qualification: Bachelor's Degree- Basic knowledge in C, UNIX, Shell programming
 English: Fluent

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