Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Competitive Exams

Time:(4-5 minutes)

1.  Find the ratio in which rice at Rs. 7.20 a kg be mixed with rice at Rs. 5.70 a kg to  produce a mixture worth Rs. 6.30 a kg?
A) 3:2
B) 2:3
C) 3:4
D) 4:3
E) None of these.

2.  8 litres are drawn from a cask full of wine and is then filled with water. This operation is performed three more times. The ratio of the quantity of wine now left in cask to that of the water is 16 : 65. How much wine did the cask originally hold?
A) 48 liter
B) 37 liter
C) 24 liter
D) 36 liter
E) None of these.
3. In what ratio must rice at Rs. 7.10 be mixed with rice at Rs. 9.20 so that the mixture may be worth Rs. 8 per Kg?
A) 3:7
B) 3:5
C) 4:5
D) 4:3
E) None of these

4.  We have a 630 ml of mixture of milk and water in the ratio 7:2. How much water must be added to make the ratio 7:3?
A) 80 ml
B) 70 ml
C) 40 ml
D) 30 ml
E) None of these.
5. John bought 20 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs.8.50 per kg and 35 kg at the rate of  Rs. 8.75 per kg. He mixed the two. Approximately at what price per kg should he sell the mixture to make 40% profit as the cost price?
A) Rs. 20
B) Rs. 8
C) Rs. 10
D) Rs. 12
E) None of these.
6.  P is able to do a piece of work in 15 days and Q can do the same work in 20 days. If they can 
work together for 4 days, what is the fraction of work left?
A) 11/15
B) 7/15
C) 8/15
D) 3/5
E) None of these.
7. P can lay railway track between two stations in 16 days. Q can do the same job in 12 days. With the help of R, they completes the job in 4 days.How much days does it take for R alone to complete the work?
A) 49/5
B) 43/5
C) 48/5
D) 9
E) None of these.
8. 6 men and 8 women can complete a work in 10 days. 26 men and 48 women can finish the same work in 2 days. 15 men and 20 women can do the same work in - days?
A) 8 day
B) 4 day
C) 6 day
D) 10 day
E) None of these.
9. P works twice as fast as Q. If Q alone can complete a work in 12 days,P and Q can finish the work in days?
A) 8
B) 12
C) 6
D) 4
E) None of these.
10. A boat takes 38 hours for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to point C midway between A and B. If the velocity of the stream is 4 kmph and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 kmph, what is the distance between A and B?
A) 300 km
B) 480 km
C) 240 km
D) 360 km
E) None of these.

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. D

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