SBI PO Prelims: Memory Based Questions

Dear Readers,
Today one of our reader Alex Christo has shared some questions from last week SBI PO Prelims exam. It might be possible that some facts and figures might be different from the real exam.

Linear Arrangement :

1. E F G H P Q R and S are eight persons sittiing in a straight line facing north but not necessarily in the same order. H sits fourth to the left of Q and either H or Q sits at the extreme ends of the line.. G sits third to the left of Q. E is second to the right of S and S is not a neighbor of Q.  F & P are immediate neighbors to each other and F doesn’t sit near G.

2. There are Eight persons ABCDSTUV sitting in a row facing north.. T is on the extreme left end and there are three person between T and S. only one person sit between S and A. B is second to the left of S. C is not on immediate neighbour of S and A. D is Second to the right of C. U is not at the extreme end.

Directions :  Point C is 35 kms to the west of point D. Point C lies 25 kms north of point A. Point B lies 60 kms east of point A. Point E and F lie on either side of B at a distance of 50 kms from each other with B in centre. Point E is to the north of B.  Point E is how many kms far and in which direction from point D??

Quantitative Aptitude Section:

Quadratic Equations :
1.  x^2 = 81 ; y^2 +18y+81=0
2. x^2 +15x+36=0 ; 5y^2+29y+36=0
3.  x^2-22x+117=0
4. 3x^2+14x+15=0

Number series :
1.   13   13   19.5   39   97.5   ?
2.  3.3   6.9   13.2   17.1   23.2  ?
3.  24   12   12   18   ?   90

Arithmetic :

1.  There are 5 red,5 black,5 green balls in a bag. If 2 balls are drawn at random what is the probability that at least 1 is green?

2. A person buys a product & sells it at a discount of 20% which leads to a loss of 10%. If the MRP of the product is 4800 what percentage should be discounted from MRP by the person in order to get a profit of Rs. 440?

3.  A person invested an amount in SI in two different schemes. For 8 years scheme A offers 6% rate of interest and B offers 8% rate of interest respectively. The difference between the interest of these two schemes is 1280.. Then wat will be the SI for certain years at certain rate of interest (My frnd couldn’t recollect the exact figures of the final question)


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