CTS Placement Paper Based on Candidates Real Time Experience

Good evening sir,
I got selected for cts,
Mainly it consists of 3 rounds
1.written test
2.technical interview
3.HR interview

Written test:
It was very easy,RS Agarwal is more than enough to clear,it coveres the basics of aptitude and logial reasoning and 2 passages,2 passages were too lengthy but very easy if go by answer to questions we can answer it.the main thing is to manging the time. after 5 days they shorlisted the students,My name is also there in that.

Technical interview:
It was very nice,one cool guy interviewed me
he asked the following questions:
1.tell me about your self?
2.tell me about internship project?
3.draw the block diagram of your project and explain by using SDLC model
4.quick sort algorithm
5.pre,in,post order for given tree
6.what is multi threading
7.what is process
8.what is stack
9.what is piggy backing (i said my favourite sub is computer networks)
10.difference between tcp and udp
11.he gave a real time situation and asked me to solve that
12.write palindrome program for your name with out using string reversal operation

I answered all the question, after 5 min they announced my name,and I went to HR round

HR Round:
1.tell me your family background
2.what is it
3.do you like relocation

after 10 days shortlisted students list is pasted on notice board I got selected for cts
thank you 

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