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Today we are posting the third part of the General Awareness quiz which is on the pattern of the section which is coming in actual examinations like SBI PO MAINS,IBPS RRB PO/CLERK, RBI OFFICE ASSISTANT,etc . So participate in the quiz as this will help you all to score good marks in your examination.

1).In UCB, ‘C’ stands for________.
a) Cooperative
b) Correspondence
c) Common
d) Connectivity
e) None of these

2).What is the venue of 48th Annual Meeting of Asian Development Bank?
a) Japan
b) Azerbaijan
c) China
d) India
e) None of these

3).FIIA Stands for________.
a) Former Indian Investigation Association
b) Foreign Investment Implementation Association
c) Foreign Investment Implementation Authority
d) Foreign Investigation Implementation Agency
e) None of these

4).World Asthma Day was observed on_______.
a) 3rd May
b) 4th May
c) 5th May
d) 6th May
e) None of these

5).Which of the following state was associated with the BHEL GVK’s Hydro Power Plant?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Bihar
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Rajasthan
e) None of these

6).What is the name of the two communication satellites which was proposed to build by India that supports the telecommunication and television services?
a) TSAT- 17 and TSAT- 18
b) GSAT-17 and GSAT-18
c) Telecom- 11 and Telecom- 12
d) INSat- 11 and INSat- 12
e) None of these

7).Who is the new Election Commissioner of India?
a) Manjunath Verma
b) Mohit Raju
c) Aaskash Ahlawat
d) Achal Kumar Jyoti
e) None of these

8).Indian Army has signed a MoU with which of the following banks regarding Defence Salary Package?
a) Bank of Baroda
b) Bank of India
c) PNB
d) SBH
e) None of these

9).Among the following party which has won the UK 2015 General Election?
a) Conservative Party
b) People’s Party
c) Republic Party
d) Democratic Party
e) None of these

10).In Atal Pension Yojana, the maximum monthly pension cannot be more than________.
a) Rs. 4500
b) Rs. 3000
c) Rs. 5000
d) Rs. 7500
e) None of these

11).What is the annual premium amount for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana?
a) 220
b) 330
c) 110
d) 250
e) None of these

12).Among the following which Constitution Amendment Bill is related to goods and Service Tax?
a) 130
b) 124
c) 122
d) 126
e) None of these

13). National Technology Day is observed on________.
a) May 10
b) May 11
c) May 12
d) May 13
e) None of these

14) Which of the following is not an instrument in the hands of the RBI to check inflation in our country?
a) Open Market Operations (OMO)
b) Special Drawing Rights rr
c) Bank Rate (BR)     
d) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
e) None of these

15) Which of the statements mentioned below is/are correct?
1. T-bills are issued by the Government of India on behalf of the RBI
2. T-bills are short-term money market instruments
3. T-bills cannot be purchased by a resident of India
a) All are correct       
b) 2 & 3 are correct
c) Only 2 is correct    
d) Only 3 is correct
e) None of these


1) a
2) b
3) c
4) c
5) a
6) b
7) d
8) b
9) a


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