Important English Vocabulary Competitive Exams

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As you know that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. Without a strong vocabulary, you can not implement the rules of English grammar.  Memorizing vocabulary may not be your favorite activity, but we have tried to create  plenty of ways to make it more fun. It will be helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL,IBPS 2015 AND INSURANCE EXAMS. Hope you would like the post!!!

1.    ABUT
Meaning: :- to be adjacent; touch or join at the edge or border (often followed by on, upon, or against
Memory tip: The old, boring movie 'Hum Saath Saath hain' could be remembered as :- 'Hum ABUT ABUT hain' 
Usages: This piece of land abuts on a street.

2.     PROFFER
Meaning:  an offer or proposal
 Memory key : Chalo bulaawa aaya hai (IPL)  could be said as :-  Chalo PROFFER aaya hai (IPL) 
Usages: If you don't get what you want you could then proffer your notice

Meaning : means absolute confidence in something or an unquestioning belief in something.
Memory key : 
Pehle Istemaal karein phir CERTITUDE dikhayein ! ADD for ghadi soap.
Usage : People who are very religious express certitude about their faith.

4.    PARLEY
Meaning :  discussion; conference;
Memory KEY :   An old hindi song...."Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche har zabaan par........" can be sung as
"Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke PARLEYS har zabaan par......
Sabko maalum ha aur sabko khabar hogai... "
USAGE :- They had a very interesting PARLEY on women empowerment.

Meaning : (of a victory ) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.
 Memory key : Har bollywood villain ka favorite dialogue :  "Ye dushmani bohot PYRRHIC padegi tujhe"
The phrase is - PYRRHIC VICTORY
Usage: Victory in any war is a PYRRHIC VICTORY as the loss of innocent lives is never justified.

Meaning : : coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited; casual
 Memory key:  Pyaar deewana hota hai ... mastaana hota hai Har khushi se har gham se ... NONCHALANT hota hai And    Tu CHAL ya naa CHAL mere saath. I am NONCHALANT about it!
Usage : Dean answered in a voice as nonchalant as he could muster

7.    GAUNT
Meaning : very thin, especially because of sickness or hunger
Memory Key: My Grand-AUNT is very GAUNT due to dengue fever
Usages : She is a GAUNT lady / The baby was born quite GAUNT / The old man had a GAUNT face.

8.    METTLE
Meaning : boldness/courage
Memory key: You will never ever forget the word " METTLE " again        The cartoon Courage, the cowardly dog can be remembered as -  METTLE, The Cowardly Dog
Usages: Let's give him a chance to show his mettle

9.    PLENTY
Meaning: Overabundance, excess
Memory key: PLENTY, not THORA = PLETHORA
Usages:  plenty of water or plenty of resources

Meaning: : expel from a community or group; avoid speaking to or dealing with
Memory key: Jab aapka ego ho jaye "OSTRICH" ke ande ka "SIZE", to log aapko kar denge "OSTRACIZE".

Usage: Do not ostracize him or her due to the psychiatric condition


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