Learn English Vocabulary - SBI/IBPS/INSURANCE EXAMS - Competitive Exams

Hello Readers,

As you know that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. Without a strong vocabulary, you can not implement the rules of English grammar.  Memorizing vocabulary may not be your favorite activity, but we have tried to create  plenty of ways to make it more fun. It will be helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO 2015,IBPS 2015 AND INSURANCE EXAMS. Hope you would like the post!!!

Meaning: Melodious,Tuneful, Musical
Memory key- i)Aisi Awaaz jo ghol de KaaNO me RAS usey kehte hain  CANOROUS
                         ii)  Now we can call Mr. Madhur  Bhandarkar as “Canorous Bhandarkar”
Usages : i) Lata Mageshkar's canorous voice  
                 ii) a canorous chorus of birdsong filled the morning air
Meaning : Make (someone) less angry or hostile.
Memory key : Dadi amma Dadi amma Placate ho jao….
                          Chodho bhi ye gussa zara hass ke dikhao!!
Usage :  'They attempted to placate the students with promises'.

Meaning :  occurring every day; daily.
Memory key : Sunday ho ya Monday
                          Quotidian khaao Annde
Usage : The book focuses on the quotidian life of farmers.

Meaning: to unite or come together in one body or mass; merge; fuse; blend.
Memory Key: Mere hath mei tere hath ho, Sari jannatein mere “Coalesce” ho
Usage:  In the detective’s mind the various clues began to coalesce into a complete sequence of events.

Meaning:  someone who is extremely generous ; big hearted
Memory key: MUNI pays FEES of poor students, she is so Munificent.
Usage:  The king is munificent when giving aid to the poor people of his land.

Meaning:  Namkeen
Memory key: Krackjack Biscuits – thoda mitha thoda brackish
Usage: The water in this part of the swamp seems to be more brackish

7.     MODICUM  
Meaning : Very small in quantity or number.
Memory Key: On the arrival of MODI, it is assumed that he will be able to Modicum most of the worries of common man
Usage: Anybody with the modicum of common sense would do such kind of acts.

Meaning: An allusive or oblique remark or hint 
Memory : i.) Samjhdaar ko INNUENDO hee kaafi 
                  ii.)   "tauba tumhare ye INNUENDOS ...hm  to dewwane hai tumhare "
Usage:  Through masterful innuendo, she revealed the secret to him.

Meaning:   a letter
Memory key:  Missive(or Epistles) aatey hain; Humein tadpaatey hain,  Ki Ghar kab    Aaaogay ! 
Usage: I sent a missive (or epistle) to my mother when I remembered to do so.

10.  CINCH 
 Meaning: an Easy or a sure thing
Memory key:  i.) Learning English is not so cinch
ii.) Have you ever imagined that English vocab will become so cinch to you in learning.
Usage:   Ability and hard work cinched her success.