Learn English Vocabulary - Competitive Exams - 3

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As you know that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. Without a strong vocabulary, you can not implement the rules of English grammar.  Memorizing vocabulary may not be your favorite activity, but we have tried to create  plenty of ways to make it more fun. It will be helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO, IBPS CWE AND INSURANCE EXAMS. Hope you would like the post!!!

1. Bedraggle(V) :- Wet thoroughly.
Synonyms: drench, drown.
Uses: We were so bedraggled by the severe storm that we had to change into dry clothing.

2. Behemoth (N) :- Huge creature: something of monstrous size or power.
Synonyms: giant; leviathan, mammoth, monster, colossus.
Uses: In Game of Thrones wildlings are of behemoth sizes.

3. Blandishment (N) :- To act or speak in in flattering of coaxing manner.
Synonyms: coax, blarney, cajole, adulation.
Uses: despite the salespersons blandishments customer could not convinced to by the outfit.

4. Evanescent (Adj) :-  lasting a very short time; tending to vanish like vapour. 
Synonyms: fleeting; vanishing; transient, ephemeral.
Uses: For a brief moment the entire skyline was bathed in a orange-red  hue in the evanescent rays of the sunset.

5. Exasperate (V) :- To exasperate is to make something that is already bad even worse.
Synonyms: vex, aggravate, exacerbate, infuriate.
Uses: when sitting in traffic that is sure to make you late, you exasperate the person who is driving by bringing up an unpleasant topic.

6. Enervate (V) :- To enervate is to weaken, wear down, or even bum out.
Synonyms: castrate, desiccate, devitalize.
Uses: she was slow to recover from her illness; even a short walk to the window enervated her.

7. Garrulous (Adj) :- A garrulous person just won’t stop talking (and talking, and talking, and talking...).
Synonyms: chatty, gabby, loquacious, talkative, talky.
Uses: If you discover that you have a garrulous neighbor sitting next to you on the plane, you might just want to feign sleep, unless you really want to hear everything going through his mind for the entire trip.

8. Grandiloquent (Adj) :- The word grandiloquent generally refers to the way a person behaves or speaks.
Synonyms: pompous; bombastic;magniloquent, tall.
Uses: They are grandiloquent, magnificent, magical, stupendous, fabulous, unbelievable, and extraordinary.

9. Dilapidated (Adj) :- bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin by neglect or misuse.
Synonyms: crumble, decay.
Uses: The buildings were dilapidated and covered with graffiti.

10. Crescendo (N) :- i) Increase in the volume or intensity, as in a musical passage, climax; (music) a gradual increase in loudness.
ii) the peak of gradual increase.
Synonyms: culmination, meridian, pinnacle, apex.
Uses: The "Avengers: Age of Ultron" promotional push is reaching its crescendo, with the movie opening Friday.


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