Computer Quiz - Upcoming Competitive Exams - Bank Exams - 24

1.The circuitry that includes the CPU and memory chips is located on the:
(1) System unit 
(2) Operating system
(3) Motherboard 
(4) Computer platform
(5) None of these

2.All of the following are considered to be storage devices EXCEPT a:

(1) Floppy disk 
(2) CPU
(3) CD  
(4) Hard disk drive
(5) None of these

3.What is the correct association between a hardware component and a computer function?

(1) Monitor > input
(2) Mouse > input
(3) CPU > storage 
(4) Hard disk > processing
(5) None of these

4. The main difference between application and system software is that:

(1) Application software is composed of program instructions but system software is not.
(2) Application software is stored in memory whereas system software is only in the CPU.
(3) System software is unnecessary whereas application software must be present on the computer.
(4) System software manages hardware whereas application software performs user tasks.
(5) None of these

5.A document created in a word processing program or a budget created in a spreadsheet are both examples of documents created in:
(1) Application software
(2) System software.
(3) An operating system
(4) A Windows platform
(5) None of these

6.Which of the following is an example of system software?

(1) Word processor
(2) Operating system
(3) Management information system
(4) Spreadsheet 
(5) None of these

7.The term that refers to computers that provide resources to other computers in a network is:

(1) Server  
(2) Mainframe
(3) Platform 
(4) Resource provider
(5) None of these

8.If a large business is going to use a single computer to execute many programs for hundreds (possibly thousands) of users at the same time, performing relatively simple operations and transactions, the type of computer will probably be a(n):
(1) Supercomputer 
(2) PC
(3) Mainframe 
(4) ISP
 (5) None of these

9.A scientific institution performing intensive mathematical operations for a complex model that requires extremely powerful computing capabilities will most likely use a(n):

(1) Supercomputer
 (2) PC
(3) Mainframe 
(4) ISP
 (5) None of these

10.The standard computer keyboard is configured using the ____ layout.

(1) Dvorak  
(3) Control  
(4) Dot-matrix
(5) None of these

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