Computer Quiz - Upcoming Competitive Exams - Bank Exams - 25

1.The most commonly used keys in the Dvorak keyboard layout are located in the:
(1) Far right area of the keyboard
(2) Top row 
(3) Middle row
(4) Function key area 
(5) None of these

2.On computers using Microsoft Windows XP, holding the Windows key down and pressing the letter E will:
(1) Start Windows Explorer
(2) Display the Start menu
(3) Execute Microsoft Windows
(4) Run Windows Help 
(5) None of these

3.The insert, caps lock, and num lock keys are all examples of ____ keys.

(1) Control  
(2) Function
(3) Toggle  
(4) shortcut
(5) None of these

4.The copy, cut, and paste features use keyboard shortcuts with the____ key and a keyboard letter.

(1) Shift  
(2) Windows
(3) Alt  
(4) Ctrl
(5) None of these

5.RF keyboards differ from infrared keyboards in that they:

(1) must be closer to the computer.
(2) are connected to the computer via the USB port.
(3) do not need to be pointed at the computer.
(4) are used primarily on laptops or PDAs
(5) None of these

6.The traditional mouse requires a mouse pad to provide friction for its:

(1) touchpad  (2) tracker.
(3) optical sensor 
(4) Roller-ball
 (5) None of these

7.The flicker effect of a cathode ray tube is controlled by its:
(1) resolution 
(2) refresh rate
(3) dot pitch 
(4) data transfer rate
(5) None of these

8.A monitor with high dot pitch will have:

(1) a relatively large number of pixels.
(2) a high number of possible colors in its display.
(3) wide gaps between pixels.
(4) relatively fast recharging of the pixels’ illumination.
(5) None of these

9.File extensions are used in order to-
(1) name the file
(2) ensure the filename is not lost
(3) identify the file 
(4) identify the file type
(5) None of these

10.Unsolicited commercial email is commonly known as-

(1) spam  
(2) junk
(3) hoax  
(4) hypertext
(5) None of these

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