CTS Placement Paper Based on Candidate Real time Experience February 2015

 I am Sricharan Andugulapati, a final year undergraduate student of Electronics and Communications Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies. I am here to share my experience with the selection procedure of Cognizant Technologies Solutions pool drive held at Vagdevi Engineering College, Warangal.

        A written test has been conducted on 21st February and it has a total of 55 questions with 60 minutes with the following sections,
1.      Analytical & Non-Verbal Reasoning.(30 Questions - 30 Minutes)
2.      Verbal Section.(25 Questions - 30 Minutes)

After that, results are announced on 25th February. Sectional Cut-off is there. Then, the interview has been scheduled on 7th March. We are all planned to go there by bus on 6th March. It is moved at around 7:30PM. Having a sleep on the day before interview, that too under those baffling conditions, is a herculean task. But the thought of traveling in a special bus, made it possible. Even that has let me to prepare for a while in the middle. We have reached Warangal at around 1:45AM. There rooms are booked in a lodge and I have a small nap for that night. In the next morning, we have the reporting time at 9:00AM. We have reported at 9:30. We are given the seats in the auditorium there.
There the names of the candidates are called for interviews. My turn came at 6:30PM. My Technical interview has been started at 7:00PM. It is undergone for 40 minutes like this,

Me: Good Evening Sir.
HR: Good Evening Mr. Sricharan Andugulapati, Can you tell me about yourself??
Me: Told.
HR: What are the subjects you have learned in your B.Tech??
Me: Told most of the names and said about our third semester which is
unique for our campus.
(HR is checking his mobile regularly but suddenly paid attention on
hearing about our third sem)
 HR: Have you read Mobile Communications??
(I am not that good at Mobile Communications.)
 Me:  Yes sir, in addition to that I have studied Computer Networks as well.
 HR: That's great, Can you explain the pros and cons of star and mesh
 Me: Told.
(Some more time has been gone with Computer Networks for about fifteen minutes)
After Sometime,
HR: Tell me the difference between 2G and 3G.
Me: Told the basic difference and added flavor by saying that, I just
can't say that being an ECE student, then added some more info on it.
(He is impressed after hearing that answer)
HR: O.K. I have had enough with technical. Can you solve these two
puzzles?? (Asked two aptitude questions)
Me: Told instantly for one, but have taken a minute for the second.
HR: Can you tell me about your project??
Me: Told.
HR: Would you like to relocate or you want only to be in Hyderabad??
Me: I love to travel sir. No problem with that.
HR: Do you have any questions to me??
Me: Asked about the work environment at Cognizant.
HR: Told. You can wait outside.

After two minutes, my name is announced for HR round. That is started
at 9:30PM and lasted for 15 minutes. That is done like this,
Me: Good evening Sir.
HR: Good Evening Mr. Sricharan Andugulapati, are you frustrated??
(I got a bit shocked but managed in not showing that in my face)
Me: No sir, but can I know why??
HR: You came in the morning right. But now it's night 9:30..
Me: No problem sir, I have the patience to wait.
HR: Tell me about yourself??
Me: Told.
HR: What's your father??
Me: Told.
HR: Tell me about your village??
Me: Told.
HR: Do you have any siblings?? What do they do??
Me: Told.
HR:  Would you like to relocate??
Me: Yes sir. I have a query on this sir, How many years does it take
to go abroad in cognizant??
HR: Told. Then asked, Why Abroad??
Me: Told.
HR: Apart from this, do you have any more questions??
Me:  Asked about the Culture about the Cognizant.
HR: Told for four minutes.
(In the middle, we have had a chat on company history and names of the
heads of the company)
Me: Thank you sir. And I am proud to say that, our chancellor leads a
department in a university in which CEO of CTS is graduated. So you
can expect a great culture in our university too.
(HR felt astonished &impressed)
HR: That's great. What's his name??
Me: Told.
HR: Anything else??
Me: No sir.
HR: Wait outside.
Me: (Have shaken his hand) Thanks a lot sir.

We have taken another bus and retuned campus the next day. After ten days, on March 18th results are out, and I am one of the 38 students who have made it in to CTS from our campus.

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