CTS Placement Paper Based on Candidate Real time Experience November 2014

My TR experience is 
1.First the interviewer asked me to tell about my achievements like are you a mondal or division topper or
any other special achievements that I have?
Ans: Told and here interviewer appriciated me alot.
2.Explain me briefly what is your major project?
3.What is a rectifier?

4.what are the different types of rectifiers? and draw the diagram for bridge wave rectifier?
5.What are the different types of diodes?
6.What is a Zener diode and how it works?
7.What is feedback and what is positive feedback?
8.Give me one example for positive and negative feedback?
9.In Oscillator and Amplifier which one is positive feedback and which
  one is negative feedback?
10.what is noise?
11.what is filter? How can you use it?
12.What is demodulation?
13.Difference between GSM and CDMA?
14.Write the program for sorting in C?

I answered for all the above questions...Next he started asking me logical questions.

15.It is a simple time and work based question...5 persons can able to do
   the work in 10 days.After working for 3 days 2 persons left.In how many
   days the remaining 3 people can complete the work?
Ans: Told.
16.Can you prove 0!=1 ?
Ans: Given hint but I am unable to prove that.And he explained the answer to me.
15.Problem based on trains--- Told the answer.
17.Assume that you are in a dark room and you have provided with 2 candles and 1 match box.
   Each candle can burn in 1 hour.And using both candles how can you calculate 45 minutes
   of time?
Ans:I have told some way but he was not satisfied and told the exact way of calculating the
    time using candles..
18.Given some 10 numbers..If I randomly through one number.Then how can u find that number?
Ans:I have told the answer using probability... but he explained the answer in a simple way.

19.At last he asked me do you have any questions?
    I asked him to give me feedback
    Then he told you are good at techincal stuff...and improve your knowledge in logical skills.

Interviewer told me all the best.
I said thank you and went out of the room.

Results were given after 5 minutes..and I had my Hr after 2 hours.

My Hr experience is like this
1.How are you?
2.Why are you looking dull?Haven't you had your lunch?
Ans:  I had my lunch sir and I am fine.
3.What are your likes and dislikes?
4.Tell me about your family?
5.If you got selected to Cognizant, what will you do?
6.What are your future goals?
7.What will you do with your first salary?
Ans:  I will give it to my parents.
8.Are you from which stream?
Ans:  I am from ECE.
9.Can u tell me some names of ece companies? And he mentioned the previous students was unable to tell it..atleast you try it?
Ans: I told a big list of ece company names.
10.Can u relocate anywhere in India?
Ans:   Yes sir.
11.Can u relocate to coimbatore,Gurgeon,chennai,bangalore,mangalore..?
Ans:   For this I told yes confidently for every place.
12.You said you are the only child to your parents. Will they send you?
Ans:  Yes sir .They will send me anywhere I want..They dont say objection
      to improve my talent and skills and to work in any location I want..I was given the
      example of RGUKT....As I came from home and studying in a distance place
      with their encouragement only...

Here he got impressed alot and said so good of your parents
Then asked do you have any questions?
I said no.

Then the interviewer said All the best and Best of luck.................
which gave me more confidence that I will be definitely get selected for cognizant.

After 11 days results were announced and I got selected for CTS.

This was my experience with Cognizant.

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