CTS Placement Paper Based on Candidates Real Time Experience 2014

 Hi friends, this is Sowmya. 

I want to share my CTS off campus interview experience with you.
Cognizant selection process:
1. Written Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

From my college totally 290 members were attended for the written test which was conducted at Vaagdevi Engineering College in Warangal through JKC on 21st February, 2014.
Before starting of written test they took resumes of all students. So, prepare your resume well. In interview they are going to ask questions from resume only.

Written Test consists of 2 sections:
1. Reasoning section
2. Verbal section

Total there are 55 questions.30 questions are from Reasoning, 25 questions are from English. The duration of written test is 60 mints.

In reasoning section they gave questions from data interpretation, picture series, Letter coding etc.
In Verbal section they gave questions like sentence formation, ordering of sentences, finding out the incorrect sentence from the options, 2 Comprehension passages.

Written test was easy. Results were announced after 1 week. I was there in the short listed candidates. Out of 290 students 169 members were shortlisted.

Next they conducted the interviews on 7th March. We went to Vaagdevi Engineering College on that day at 9:00 am.

My technical interview was conducted at 2:00 pm. It went on like this.

Me: Good afternoon sir.
TR: Good afternoon, take your seat.
Me: Thank you sir. 
TR: Tell me about yourself?
Me: I told about my self very clearly and confidently.
TR: What are your strengths and weakness?
Me: I told my strengths and weakness and I explained it with an example why it became my strength and weakness.
TR: What is the name of your internship project and explain me about your project?
Me: I told about my internship project in detail.
TR: Which Technology did you use in your project?
Me: I told Android.
And he asked some questions from my project and I answered to all those questions.
TR: Tell me the differences between Windows and Linux?
Me: I said the differences which I know.
TR:  In which language you are good at Either C or Java?
Me: I said that I am good at both.
TR: Ok then I will give you five numbers and write a program for ascending order in C language and it should execute now without any errors?
Me: Sure sir, I will write the program.
TR: Take this paper and write.
Me: I have written the program and I gave it to him.
TR: Ok the program is correct. Why we need to use “main () “in C language?
Me: I said that the execution of program starts from the “main ()” only. Without main () we can’t execute the program.
TR: What happens if we don’t write the “main ()” in program?
Me: Told
TR: Can we write more than one “main ()” in a program?
Me: I said that No sir, we have to use only one” main ()”.
TR: Ok nice to meet you, Thank you.
Me: Thank you sir.
After 15 mints they have announced the TR Interview results. I got selected for next round.
My HR Interview was conducted at 4:30 pm.
Me: Good Evening Sir.
HR: Good evening, how are you?
Me: I am good thank you, what about you sir?
HR: I am well, thank you, take your seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
HR: Where did u do your mini project?
Me: At CMC Limited, Dilsukhnagar.
HR: What is your native place?             
Me: My native place is Ranga Reddy.
HR: Tell me about your project?
Me: I told about my project briefly.
HR: Do you have any problem to relocate?
Me: No sir, I don’t have any problem to relocate.
HR: Why these many companies are spending lacks of rupees on employees and what is the important of IT Technology?
Me: I told about the importance of IT field and reasons for paying lacks of rupees to employees.
HR: OK very good, Do you have any questions?
Me: Sir may I know your name please?
HR: My name is Deepak. I am working as a HR for the past 3 years. Do you have any other questions?
Me: No sir, I don’t have.
HR: OK Sowmya, nice to meet you, Thank you.
Me: Thank you sir.
Results were announced on 18th March. 38 students were selected and I was one of them. I am so happy now.
Friends as per my experience the most important thing is way of explaining. Be confident while you are explaining and maintain eye contact (It’s very important).Even though he tries to make you feel tensed you should show confidence in your face and have a smile while interview is going on.

All the best friends, Bye.

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