English Quiz - Competitive Exams - Banking Exams - 15

Directions—(Q. 1 to 3) Choose the word/phrase which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

1. Incurred
(A) collected
(B) included
(C) spent
(D) experienced
(E) adjusted

2. Prevailing
(A) popular
(B) implemented
(C) existing
(D) persuading
(E) winning

3. Hurdles
(A) bars
(B) defects
(C) rejections
(D) protests
(E) obstacles

Directions—(Q. 4 and 5) Choose the word/phrase which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

4. Vital
(A) practical
(B) voluntary
(C) negative
(D) worthless
(E) minimum

5. Flourishing
(A) drooping
(B) declining
(C) fluctuating
(D) opposing
(E) lacking

Directions—(Q. 6 to 10) In each sentence below, one word has been printed in bold. Below the sentence five words are suggested, one of which can replace the word printed in bold without changing the meaning of the sentence. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

6. The professor requested the Dean to visit his house.
(A) get in
(B) welcome
(C) see
(D) call on
(E) call at

7. She knew that he will not be able to slip past the watchful custom officials.
(A) fall
(B) run
(C) hide
(D) chit
(E) escape

8. At night Romesh complained of severe pain in his stomach.
(A) serious
(B) deep
(C) bad
(D) biting
(E) intense

9. Shivaji always excelled in the use of the sword.
(A) surpassed
(B) speeded
(C) ahead
(D) skilled
(E) defeated

10. You must stay with your son when he is ill.
(A) reside
(B) remain
(C) stop
(D) occupy
(E) rest

1. (C)
 2. (C)
3. (E)
4. (D)
 5. (B)
6. (C)
7. (B)
8. (E)
9. (A)
10. (A)


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