Latest CTS Placement Paper - Based on Candidate Real Time Experience 2015

CTS selection process consists of 3 rounds Written Test, Technical Round, HR and each is a elimination round including HR.

1)Written Test:
      It consists of aptitude, verbal(2 passages),reasoning mainly focused on picture series. Most of the questions are very easy, if question paper is easy means cut off also high. For solving  this India_bix and RS Agarwal are enough but to understand passages, definitely it needs fast and efficient English skills.

Question paper is of 60 marks for 55 questions.
i)30 Questions from aptitude and reasoning
ii) 25 questions from English passages, sentences correct arrangement.

    No negative marking, after 4 days I come to know that I was cleared the Written Test. I was very happy and I decided to give my best for attending of TR and HR. They have given 1 week gap for
attending TR,HR.

2)Technical Round:
It will be very easy if we are thorough with our subjects and DBMS,C,JAVA. Thorough with the project is also necessary and full grip on technologies which we have used in that project.  As per my
interview Interviewer was very cool and he asked me Questions like i)Tell me something about you?

ii)Tell me about your project?
iii)Asked me to give rating about DBMS I have given 8 and he asked some DBMS queries like
iv)Equi Join and finding 2st and 3nd salaries of one employee and department Table
v)He asked me to write a logic about series like 1^1, 2^2,3^3, 4^4 ,.............10^10.

   I have written that and he was fully satisfied and asked me to wait in a waiting hall. After few minutes they informed me that they have promoted me to HR round. I felt very happy and at that time I got more confidence than I have.

3)HR Round:

HR was very friendly he asked me some questions like

i)Tell me about your family background?
ii)Tell me something about CTS?
iii)what are the differences between revenue and profit?, Please do have clear idea about company revenue and profits?
iv)Recent articles published in News papers about CTS.
v)Even though you have good percentage why don't you prefer higher studies.
vi)do you have any relocation problem?
vii)do you have any questions?

 HR and TR are like interactive sessions, as per my observation in HR they mostly checked confidence and fluency,spontaneousness.  I told all the questions and I prepared some HR questions before attending interviews. Preparation is very important and I have gone through a mock interview conducted by my friend.

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