Latest CTS Placement Paper - Based on Candidate Real Time Experience 2015 February

I have been blessed with the good kind of interview environment , I am very happy to be placed in CTS. My interview was done in two stages namely, Technical Round and HR Round.

In my TR Round my interviewer was very aggressive and he had not maintained proper behavior with me for check my patience and confidence. Most of the interview was done in Telugu, He had asked me in Telugu regarding Biology and Physics,He told to me that he want knowledge he has not concentrated on language skills. And Lastly he had give me a suggestion that improve your language skills.It was done in around 20 minutes. In my HR Round my interviewer is very cool and friendly with me, he asked me about my family background and usual questions to me. He mainly concentrated on my language skills and confidence, He asked me that Why IT ? At the end he asked, 'do you want ask anything to me' ? I had given my prepared questions to him , he replied in cool nature. It was done in around 10 minutes. Overall it was nice experience to me , maintaining smile and confidence played crucial role in my job hunting.

Yours sincerely
Venkatesh Paripally

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