English Quiz - Competitive Exams - Banking Exams - 14

Directions—(Q. 1 to 5) In each question below, a sentence is given with a part of it printed in bold type. That part may contain a grammatical error. Each sentence is followed by phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D). Find out which phrase should replace the phrase given in bold to correct the error, if there is any, and to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required mark (E) as the answer.

1. Fishing and swimming are two different activities, independence of one another.

(A) independent of the other
(B) independence of the other
(C) independent of each other
(D) interdependence on each other
(E) No correction required

2. An early action on our suggestion, preferably before the elections are announced, will be appreciative.
(A) would be appreciate
(B) would have been appreciate
(C) would have been appreciated
(D) will be appreciated
(E) No correction required

3. He is the man whose advice is difficult in following.(A) advice is not easy in following
(B) advice is difficult to follow
(C) advice has difficult to follow
(D) advice has difficulty to follow
(E) No correction required

4. He told me that he only had a little money.
(A) tells me that he only has a little
(B) told me that only he has a little
(C) only told me that he has little
(D) told me that he had only a little
(E) No correction required

5. You must ensure that I get my cheque encash before Saturday.
(A) my cheque cashed
(B) cash my cheque
(C) my cheque cash
(D) encash my cheque
(E) No correction required

Directions—(Q. 6 to 10) Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

6. He tends to ………… to any suggestion I make in meetings.
(A) differ
(B) agree
(C) accept
(D) act
(E) cooperate

7. We were shocked by the young man’s…………for money.
(A) greed
(B) acumen
(C) versatility
(D) projection
(E) indifference

8. Let us cultivate a strong will, a …………mental desire and determination to achieve our ideals.
(A) tall
(B) sure
(C) sardonic
(D) keen
(E) cutting

9. He ………… children to open their eyes and ears to the beauty of life.
(A) admonished
(B) promised
(C) exhorted
(D) complemented
(E) reprimanded

10. We must work hard towards ………… of the underprivileged people of our country.
(A) proliferation
(B) emancipation
(C) contribution
(D) association
(E) unification 


1. (C) 
2. (D) 
3. (B) 
4. (D) 
5. (D) 
6. (B) 
7. (A) 
8. (D)
 9. (C) 
10. (B)


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