Aditi placement papers 2011 Dec Based on Candidate Experience

1.All the soldiers are arranged in the form of an equilateral triangle i.e., one soldier in the front and 2 soldiers in the second row and 3 soldiers in the third row, 4 soldiers in the fourth row and so on. If 669 more soldiers of another company are added in such a way that all the soldiers now are in the form of an square and each of the sides then contain 8 soldiers less than each side of equilateral triangle. Initially, how many soldiers were there?

2.A sonata watch is sold for Rs. 440 cash or for Rs.200 cash down payment together with Rs. 244 to be paid after one month. Find the rate of interest charged in the instalment scheme:

3.Persons X, Y and Z wish to go from place A to place B, which are separated by a distance of 70 km. All the three persons start of together from A, with X and Y going by Luna at a speed of 20 kmph. X drops Y somewhere along the way and returns to pick up Z, who has already started walking towards B at a speed of 5 kmph. Y, after being dropped by X, starts walking towards B at a speed of 5 kmph. In this manner, all three of them reach B at the same time.
After how much time is Y dropped on the way by X?
1.2.0 hours
2.3.0 hours
3.2.5 hours
4.1.5 hours


1. Each floor of a 3 storeyed building is occupied and a
total of 15 people live in the building. How many live on
the first floor?
1) The no. of people living in the first floor is an odd
2) The no. of people living on the first floor double the
number living on the second floor

2. Program 1 can be implemented
1) Program 1 is tested and error free
2) The implementation site is ready

3. The sum of digits of a 5 digit no. is 10. The digit in
the ten thousandth place is cube of that of units place.
what is the number.
1) The digits in the thousandth, hundredth and tenth place
are equal
2) The digit in the units and tenth place are not equal

4. If I deposit Rs.1000 in the bank now and withdraw the
amount only at the end of the year how much will I get?
1) The rate of compound interest is 12% per year
2) The interest is deposited in the account at the end of
every six months

5. Variable “X” is an address variable.
1) The value of variable “X” is “adbcf”
2) Program has a statement X =&Y

6. Is white color the best reflector of light?
1) The lower a color’s reflection index the better its
power of reflection
2) White has a reflection index of 0.28

7. Does Mehta work in an advertising agency?
1) Mehta begins work at 9 am in the morning and works till
9 in the night
2) Mehta is a copywriter

8. Is it true that Maggi Noodles success was largely due
to its ability to satisfy a latent consumer need?
1) Before the entry of Maggi Noodles, Others did not have
access to a food item which was convenient to prepare and
could be consumed between meals.
2) Maggi Noodles was an instant hit with ladies who had
children in the range of 10 to 12 years

9. Sachin wrote Program 1
1) It is found in the directory c:\user\sachin
2) Sachin tested Program 1

10. Are all Argots also Knicks?
1) All Argots are Drones
2) All Drones are Knicks

11. Does classical music aid plant growth?
1) Music aids in the development of sugar in plants.
2) In an experiment conducted, its was observed that plants
exposed to classical music grew by 5cm more than plants not
exposed to classical music in the same period.

12. Are cheques the safest method of making a payment.
1) Cheques are more convenient than cash in making and
resolving payments.
2) Payment by cheques eliminate the risk involved in
handling cash.

13. Networking is working fine.
1) Computer A is able to talk to Computer B
2) Both Computer A & B are Pentium Machines.

14. Is it true that smiling is easier than frowning?
1) Smiling requires the movement of 14 facial muscles while
frowning requires the movement of 24 facial muscles.
2) Moving every facial muscles requires the same amount of

15. Is it true that the Carpenter lives on the first floor.?
1) the Barber lives two floors above the black smith who in
turn stays one floor above the carpenter.
2) the blacksmith lives two floors above the weaver who
lives one floor below the carpenter in a three storeyed


Which is not used into @Page attributes
1. Async ,CodeFile
2. EnableTheming, MasterPageFile
3. MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback Theme
4. None
5. All

Which is true to bind a method by setting the Master attribute in the ?

1. < configuration>
< system.web>
< pages masterpagefile="" />

2. < pages>
< system.web>
< pages masterpagefile="" />


Which methods provided by the dataset object to generate XML in ADO.Net?
1. ReadXML
2. GetXML
3. Writexml
4. All of Above

Which one is the method of Connection object in ADO.Net?
1. open()
2. new()
3. ConnectionOpen()
4. None of these

The DataSet object is a _________ storage.
1. connected
2. disconnected
3. polling
4. None

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