Aditi Technical Interview Paper Pattern (Bangalore)

Paper : Aditi Technical Interview Paper Pattern (Bangalore)

Company Name : Aditi
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Total 5 rounds All rounds were elemintaion rounds 

Round 1: Written 60 questions 60 mins no negetive marking 40 questions Quantitative (Above avg level questions) 1 Comprehension which had 10 questions ( Simple) 10 questions c and C++ (predicting output, some theory questions from C++) 

Round 2: Written 5 questions 35 mins 
 1. using Copy constructor to initialise string. 
 2. what is the result of the expression : (x-a)(x-b)(x-c).....(x-z) ? 
 3. Write an algorithm to shuffle a deck of playing cards. 
 4. write an algorithm to find the duplication in an array of n elements. 
 5. There is a rope which burns completely in 60 mins. Given 2 such ropes how will u measure 15 mins? 

Round 3: Technical interview around 45 mins .was asked to solve 2-3 puzzles. each in 5 mins (average difficulty) .
Questions on C++ (concentrated on Inheritence) 
 what is base class? 
 what is virtual class? 
Applications and various cases in C++ etc .list any 5 functions in stdio.h, conio.h .One C code snippet to predict output .build a datatype which is an array which accepts elements of any datatype. (i.e., the array shuld hold elements of all datatypes . structure is not the ans. Shuld build a NEW datatype) .reverse a singly linked list using recursion .Some more questions on C, C++ and DS Round 

4: Technical interview ( they were calling it HM round. i dunno what it means) around 45 mins .write an algo for telephone system (they explained the case) .2-3 puzzles (avg and above avg) .more questions on C++ .Software dev life cycle .
Where do u see urself after 5 yrs? .
 Strength? .and a few more 

Round 5: HR interview around 40 mins .tell me abt ur extra curricular activites and questions on them. .
Hobbies and questions on them .weakness? 
 how will that cause probs in Corporate world? .
Strength? .
motivation in ur life? .
Challenges u have faced .problems faced? 
How did u overcome? 
Disappointments in life etc etc etc Finally 13 got in among 350

No of Rounds : Group Discussion - GD
Location : Bangalore

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