Capgemini Interview Experience - RGUKT, NUZVID, Oct 29th, 2014, AP

I am Adinarayana Chandu. I have a wonderful experience with Capgemini.

The selection procedure is as follows:

1. Written test.

I. Quantitative aptitude.
II. Logical Reasoning.
III. English.

Each section consists of 25 questions. You will be given 90 minutes. Be sure that each section has qualifying marks so that you have to attempt min of 15 each from the section then you can clear the test easily. Concentrate on English, first they will evaluate English, if you reach cut off they only they will evaluate the next sections.

For Quant and Logical Refer Arun Sharma books. No need to read each and every thing just go through briefly. English you practice the verbal section in IndiaBix, it's more than sufficient. In our College 400 attempted, 160 shortlisted for next round.

2. Group Discussion:

This is Mass elimination Round. Be careful, if you speak much, less and unrelated to the topic you will be definitely eliminated. They will just only test your involvement in the group and your response to others. From this they shortlisted 80 members.

The topic given for us : The effect Social Media on Youth.

3. Technical and HR:

This is a combined round here. If you clear the G.D then you can almost get the Job. Other than CSC they will just ask about your project and basics of C. You can crack this with min communication skills.

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