CAPGEMINI Interview Experience - HYDERABAD, NOVEMBER 15 AND 16, 2014.


It was good being attended for Capgemini placements. If at all there is any campus specific then it helps to get through rounds easily. All are elimination rounds.

The selection process :

1. Written test.
2. GD.
3. Technical and HR.

1. Written test : On 15th November 2014.

There were about 75 questions and allotted  time is 90 minutes and was conducted by co-cubes there was negative marking which was about 1/4th marks deduction. There was sectional wise cutoff. Out of 200 members 66 cleared the written test.

There were 3 sections of written are :

(a) Quantitative aptitude - 25 questions(time distance, time and work, profit and lose, ratios, trains, boats etc - R.S Aggarwal and will be helpful).

(b) Logical ability - 25 questions(clocks, relationships, missing data, directions, data sufficiency etc.. ).

(c) English - 25 questions(tenses, prepositions, subject verb agreement, articles etc..).

  After qualifying this round next day was the INTERVIEW on 16 November  2014.      


One need to perform really good in this round because the person conducting the GD will be looking at overall performance of the candidates like, how one is responding to the topic given and what are the candidates ideas and ideologies on the topic ( one tip is that just speak about the information related to the topic  till the person notices YOU). Out of 66 members 32 cleared GD.

My topic was to justify this statement "WOMEN IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" and other topic which was given to other group was "WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF I, ME, MYSELF?" 


They ask questions based on the RESUME provided to them. As I am from ECE, the questions on technical were also from my core. Out of 32 members 18 cleared the interview.

These are few questions asked in the interview:

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. How does a Bluetooth work?
3. Tell me about your project?
4. Write a program to check whether a given date is a leap year or not?

This round is purely based on one's confidence and communication skills.The interview went for about 15-20 minutes.

The results were out after 4 hours and I GOT SELECTED !! 

That's my interview experience. 
Don't feel if you didn't get selected, there are other opportunities waiting for You.

After all the efforts, this my Seventh company which I got placed. 

Don't lose Hope..   


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