English Quiz 29 - Competitive Exams - Banking Exams

Direction:Read the following Passage and answer the following questions:
The first step is for us to realise that a city need not be a frustrater of life; it can be among other things, a mechanism for enhancing life, for producing possibilities of living which are not to be realized except through cities. But, for that to happen, deliberate and drastic planning is needed. Towns as much as animals, must have their systems of organs-those for transport and circulation are an obvious example. What we need now are organ systems for recreation, leisure, culture, community expression. This means abundance of open space, easy access to unspoilt Nature, beauty in parks and in fine buildings, gymnasia and swimming baths and recreation grounds in planty, central spaces for celebrations and demonstrations, halls for citizens' meetings, concert halls and theatres and cinemas that belong to the city. And the buildings must not be built anyhow or dumped down anywhere; both they and their groupings should mean something important to the people of the place.

1. Cities can be made to provide full facilities for life, only if :    :
    (a)    these can be mechanically developed.
    (b)    proper transport system is introduced.
    (c)    cinemas, theatres and concert halls are established there.
    (d)    these are thoughtfully and vigorously designed to serve people's needs.   

2.    A suitable title for the passage would be :
    (a)    Towns versus Animals.
    (b)    The Need for Planned Cities. 
    (c)    Transport and Communication System in a City.
    (d)    The Need for Entertainment Centres in a City.    

3.    "A city need not be a frustrater of life" means that:
    (a)    one does not expect fulfilment of all life's requirements from a city.
    (b)    city life provides all the essential needs of life.
    (c)    a city does not necessarily lift man's standard of living.
    (d)    a city should not defeat the fulfilment of life's aspirations and aims.

4.    Which one of the following has the opposite meaning to the word 'frustrater' in the passage?
    (a)    Promoter 
    (b)    Applauder
    (c)    Approver 
    (d)    Executer

5.    "The building must not be built anyhow or dumped down anywhere"....the statement implies that building :
    (a)    should be built with suitable material.
    (b)    should be constructed, according to some suitable design, not indiscriminately.
    (c)    should be scattered to provide for more of open space.
    (d)    should be built to enable citizens to enjoy nature.

6.    The word 'drastic' in the passage means :
    (a)    orderly.
    (b)    powerful,
    (c)    consistent.
    (d)    determined.   

7.    The author talks about 'Unspoilt Nature'. In what way can Nature remain unspoilt?
    (a)    If Nature is not allowed to interfere with people's day-to-day life.
    (b)    By building cities with the system of organs like those of animals.
    (c)    By allowing free access to parks and open spaces.
    (d)    By allowing Nature to retain its primitive, undomesticated character.

8.    According to the author, the function of a city is to :      
    (a)    provide adequate community expression.       
    (b)    make available centres of recreation and public gatherings.
    (c)    facilitate traffic and communication. 
    (d)    raise the tone of life and make it more meaningful. 

9.    The opening sentence of the passage implies that :
    (a)    the possibilities of living a decent life cannot be found in a city.
    (b)    only a city can provide the means to lead a full life.
    (c)    among other places, a city can also help man to lead a successful life.
    (d)    a city provides better opportunities for good living than a village.

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