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HCL Technical Placement Paper Pattern

PAPER : HCL Technical Placement Paper Pattern

Section 1:
In this section there are mainly questions based on C language like find the errors in the program and what is the output of the following program.
some question i remember are
1) int i=10;
printf("%d %d %d",i++,i++,i--);
there is one or two more question on increment operator

2) Two question on redirection operator(>>)

3) int i=10;
printf("The value for i is %d",i);
4) one question on structure and u have to fine the error in the syntax

5) int a=10,b=33;
printf("%d %d", a,b);

6) int *a;
int (*b)();
printf("%d %d",sizeof(a),sizeof(b);

7) # define SQR(a) (a*a)
void main()
printf("%d", SQR(5));
8) And in another question # define directive is declared in the main() function of the program and u have to predict the output of the program.?
9) what is the time complexity of bubble sort (Ans: O(n^2))
10) What is the size of the address bus and data bus in 8086?

11) address of IVT in 8086?
Section II:
    1) some 6 guys are there A,B,C,D,E,F(say) and u have to adjust in the row. and some statements are there like A & D can't be adjacent E,A have one vacant area in between.. like that and there are 5 questions are based on that?

  2) this one is tricky .. there are two groups . one is many brothers can mary one sister of other group. and second is many sister can mary one brother of other group and some statements are there like V & U is father of S, X is the only grandmother of S that.. And there are 6 question based on that..

  3) and rest of questions are purely aptitude & quant based. like there are two questions on coding if MYSORE is code like MEMEME then how TAMILNADU is coded?
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