HCL Technologies Ltd - At hyderabad. Malla reddy college MRCET On 21st Jan, 2015

Hi friends I'm Ramesh and attended drive of HCL in mrcet, eligibility criteria was.

60% with no backlogs. And 60% in 10th and 12th standards.

It was of 5 rounds.

1 - Verbal written test.
2 - Jam.
3 - TR.
4 - HR.
5 - Aptitude (amcat based).

1st round Description:

It was simple one comprising of sentence correction, choosing word that best suits the sentence any 1 with good English in school can easily clear this one.

It was of 20 bits, 10 mins.

The cut off was 13 and I got selected.

They said next round was good but due to lack of time they conducted jam.

And we were asked to come after lunch.

2nd round jam:

The lady from HCL was sitting on the dias and calling the names sequentially and giving the topic and mic to speak.

Huge elimination was there.

I got the mic and she asked me to tell me about you are self, how was you yesterday, what hobbies do you have and all.

I did not spoke with rich english vocabulary but to some extent I have done well.

She said you can come tomorrow for next rounds and can leave today.

I and my friends also got selected.

From 250 members around 132 members were selected for next round.

3rd round tech:

IT was simple if you clear the first two rounds TR and HR were simple.

Some TR questions: (I'm from CSE).

Tell me about you are self?

Difference between C and Java (I mentioned in my resume).

OSI layers.


Network protocol.

Oracle queries.

And page faults what is os ?

Be good at OS, DCCN, NS, Java and whatever you mention in resume.

About my project.

He said I'm satisfied with you and sending you to HR.

Thanking him I left the panel.

4-HR round:

As I was entering in to room he straight away asked me.

Explain the infrastructure of HCL?

I was tensed a lot. Said much about it has two faces how and sw, bpo n all.

Still he was expecting much from me.

Finally he asked me are you ready to re relocate and all those stuff. I said yes and left the room.

I was sure I will be put out but my name was there.

Friends TR and HR were simple.

Around 132 108 members were selected.

Final round was amcat based apti exam.

Questions were simple.

Refer IndiaBix, Fresherline and m4maths its more than enough.

Everyone thought there would be no elimination but after writing the exam. For a week they announced the results.

From 108 28 members were selected and I was one among them.

Hope this would help you.

Last but not least NEVER LOOSE HOPE.

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