Reasoning Quiz 23 - Competitive Exams - IBPS/SSC/Banking Exams

1.If the letters in the word COMPARE are rearranged in such a way that first the vowels within the word are rearranged alphabetically followed by the consonants arranged alphabetically, which of the following will be the fifth letter from the right end after the rearrangement?
(5)None of these

2.The letters in the word DOSE are changed in such a way that each vowel is replaced by the previous letter in the English alphabet and each consonant is replaced by the next letter in the English alphabet. How many meaningful words can be formed with the new set of letters using each letter only once in each word?
 (2) One  
(3) Two                
(4) Three  
(5) More than three

3.How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 53146827 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are arranged in ascending order with the number?
(3) Two                
(4) Three
(5) More than three

4.In a certain code CLIMATE is written as BUFLJMD. How is ORDERLY written in that code?
(5)None of these

5.The positions of the first and the fifth digits in the number 84329517 are interchanged. Similarly the positions of the second and the sixth digits are interchanged and so on. Which of the following will be the second from the right end after the rearrangement?

(5) None of these

6.Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group.  Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

7.If water is called food, food is called drink, drink is called blue, blue is called red, red is called
white and white is called brown, then what is the color of ‘blood’?

(5) Drink

8.In a certain code language, the word ENQUIRY is written as YRIUQNE.   How will the word REQUIRE be written in the code language?

(5) None of these

9.In a certain code language DESERT is written RTSEDE.  How will the word FAULTS the written in that code language?
(5) None of these

10.How many meaningful English word can be formed by  using the second, the fifth, the seventh and the tenth letters of the word APPROPRIATION, each only once, but in different sequence ?
(4)None of these
(5) More than three
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