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1.The vast network of computers that connects million of people all over the world is called.
(1) LAN  (2) Web  (3) Hypertext (4) Internet (5) None of these

2.The operating system is the most common type of __ software.
(1) communication (2) Application  (3) System (4) Word-processing
(5) None of these

3.A computer cannot “Boot” if it does not have the __.
(1) Compiler  (2) Loader (3) Operating System (4) Assembler
(5) Interpreter

4.A high quality file format that delivers higher image resolution and picture quality for the motion picture is-
(1) Quick Time  (2) AVI  (3) JPEG  (4) MPEG (5) MP3

5.What kind of data can you send by E-mail?
(1) Audio  (2) Picture (3) Video  (4) Text (5) All of these

6.Inter Process Communication-
(1) is required for all processes (2) is usually done via disk drives
(3) is never necessary   (4) allows process to synchronize activity
(5) None of these

7.Which of the following cables support the highest bandwidth and faster transmission rate?
(1) Twisted pair cable (2) Coaxial cable (3) Open wire cable (4) Fiber optic cable
(5) None of these

8.What is virtual memory?
(1) Memory of hard disk which is used by CPU as extended RAM.
(2) Located in RAM.
(3) It needs when there is no any RAM in computer.
(4) Backup device for floppy discs.
(5) None of these.

9.__ stores the intermediate result of arithmetic and logical operations.
(1) Accumulator Register (2) Memory address Register (3) Program Counter
(4) Instruction Register       (5) Microchips

10.__ is the high speed temporary memory used in a computer for holding Data.
(1) RAM (2) ROM  (3) Registers  (4) Microchips  (5) Program counter

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