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The first round was GD round. They selected about 150 from about 750 students. Second was the apti round. Only 23 got selected for technical round. Finally there was a HR round and 6 people got selected.

Some GD topics were....
should mob. ph. be banned in college
is bpo good for india???

Apti round consisted of 30 apti and 30 technical questions... (30min+30min)
Some questions that I can recollect are
antonym: blanch (ans: repaint)
novel:book (ans: play:theater)
there was a fill in the blanks
4+y=14-4y y=? (ans:3)

2 digit no. units digit 4. when reversed it is 4/7 of the original. what is the no?

a can do a work in 10 days, b 12days, c 15days. a,b do the work in the first day. a,c in the 2nd day. again a,b and a,c and so on. how many days are reqd.

low=25, high=75 then pass=40. using y=x+b if high=250 and low=100, find pass.

in a equilateral triangle if parameter=36.9 and altitude=8. find area
cos15*cos75 = ?

a partnership problem

a problem on A is doctor and so on (plz refer page of R.S.Agarwal)

1442 when divided by a no. gives 2 as remainder. 1803 when divided by the same no gives 3 as remainder. what is the no? (ans:360)

profit and loss problem.

5 queries (options were given).
what doesn't OS do? (ans:transaction)
heap is (ans:structured tree)
RDBMS tree structure model (ans:hierarchical model)
pure virtual fn. (ans:abstract class)
this pointer?
when is constructor called?

In the Technical Interview round questions on DBMS, DS, OOP (Java,C++) was asked.

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