General Knowledge Quiz 4 - Competitive Exams - SSC/Other Exams

1.  Which of the following countries is the world’s third largest producer and exporter of Uranium and is world’s largest known reserves of Uranium, amounting to 23% of the world’s total uranium reserves?
(1) Austria                                (2) Kazakhstan      (3) Australia
(4) Canada                                (5) Brazil

2.   What does Credit Risk in lending means in banking parlance?
(1) Default of the banker to release credit to the customer
(2) Default of the customer to repay the loan
(3) Default of the banker to maintain SLR
(4) Default of the banker to maintain CRR
(5) None of these

3.   Which of the following is the first Indian Bank to open a branch outside India?
(1) Bank of Maharashtra     (2) Bank of Baroda
(3) Bank of India    (4) Indian Bank                   (5) Allahabad Bank

4. Under Article 356, President’s rule can be imposed in a state initially for how long?
A. Six months
    B. One year        C. Two years      D. Three years

5. How many kinds of emergencies are there according to our constitution?
A. Three               B. Four                  C. Two                  D. Five

6. The Attorney General for India is appointed by the President of India under which article of the Constitution of India?

A. Article 66(1)           B. Article 76(1)          C. Article 86(1)        D. Article 96(1)

7. By which amendment the voting age was reduced to 18 from 21?
A. 52nd amendment      B. 56th amendment          C. 61st amendment      D. 73rd amendment

8. The First Amendment of the Constitution of India, enacted in 1951, made several changes to
A. Fundamental duties provisions of the constitution      B. Creation of new states
C. Fundamental rights provisions of the constitution              
D. National emergency provisions of the constitution    

9. By which amendment was primary education added to the list of Fundamental Rights?
A. 91st amendment          B. 92nd amendment     C. 93rd amendment             D. 94th amendment

10. Who appoints the members of the Union Public Service Commission?
A. President
       B. Chairman of UPSC      C. Chief Justice of Supreme Court                           
D. Union cabinet             

11. Part IV of Indian Constitution deals with?
A. Fundamental duties                  B. Citizenship                     C. Directive principles of State Policy     D. Fundamental rights

12. From which constitution did our constitution borrow the concept of the Directive Principles of State Policy?
A. United Kingdom          B. United States                               C. Ireland            D. Germany

13. Which writ can be issued by a High Court to direct a public official or the government not to enforce a law which is unconstitutional?
A. Certiorari                        B. Prohibition                     C. Quo Warranto                              D. Mandamus


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